Round 2...Simplicity 2226

Monday, April 30, 2012

I've started cutting into my next project!


If there is one thing I have a hard time finding it's skirts.  They are either too short or too tight.  I get so tired of wearing black pants to work so I decided to mix it up a little, black with white polka dots and to throw everyone way off make it a skirt!  The fabric is a from Joann's and it's a polyester blend.  The white is for the belt and I'm going to line it in black.  I've seen so many reviews on this skirt and so many cute versions of it I thought I'd give it a second go.  Yes I've made this skirt before. It was actually my first piece of clothing.  It turned out rather well, fit well around the waist it was just a little too full for me.  I think it was because I used a quilting cotton so it didn't lay quite as well.  Experienced sewers??Anyone?? Am I anywhere close to being right about that assumption?  

Here's Round 1 of Simplicity 2226....

Bahaha! what an awkward picture.

I ended up turning this skirt into a handbag and checkbook cover.....

Oh yeah! Vera Bradley ain't got shit on me!

Stay tuned....Round 2 to follow....

Can we go outside already?!?

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  1. Oh, yeah, a polyester should drape better. But it's still going to be fairly full because of the gathers. I think the first one looks cute on you! The polka dot one will be adorable!

  2. Polka dotted skirt looks like it's going to be cute! I agree with ginger about the reasoning for fullness of the skirt.

  3. I love the handbag, it also looked great on you as a skirt too. I have just been using cotton poplin and its thinner than quilting cotton and seems to drape really well. I used it on the elephant blouse I just made. I am making another one from thin chambray at present so will let you know how it drapes. Lawn cotton is probably going to be a bit thin. Shirting cotton may be nice. I can't wait to see what you use and how it turns out as I am trying to get my head round the vast range of fabric types too.

  4. I can't work up the gumption to finish the one I have 3/4 done on my sewing table because I made it in quilting cotton and it looks too full to me too. That model on the envelope is wearing a cotton and hers looks good, doggonnit! The bag and checkbook cover are a super save. I might just try to remove some of the gathers in the back.. that's where they bother me the most.

    1. Yes I don't care too much for the gathers in the back either. I've seen a couple other bloggers omit the gathers in the back too. I may try that next go around.

  5. OOooooo, I just found your blog today(via Miss Crayola Creepy) and I am
    in love with your skirt. I have a slight love affair with polka dots.
    Plus this pattern has been chilling in my stash for too long, perhaps
    I'll give it a go. Thanks for the inspiration! :) -Andrea

  6. You just can't go wrong with polka dots!! I get a lot of compliments on that skirt too.