We live next door to a Bald Eagle!

Monday, April 09, 2012

We recently discovered that we have a Bald Eagle living amongst us.  One day Ryan was sitting at the table and just suddenly started screaming for me.  I ran to him in a panic thinking something was terribly wrong. He said I just seen a bald eagle fly over the house. I was like whatever.  We went outside and there it was sitting in our field behind the house along with it's mate.  It was absolutely amazing!!  We found it's nest a few days later along the river less than a mile behind our house.

Their nests can be up to 13 feet deep, 8 feet wide and weigh up to a ton!  This nest was huge and all the way at the top of this huge Sycamore tree.  My mom and dad came by to see the nest and take pictures.  We never expected to actually get to see the Eagle!

To see this bird soaring above your head is a truly amazing site.  My husband said he was starstruck. It was as if he had seen the President of the United States.  He's so funny. 

I wonder if there is babies up there?

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