Polka Dot Skirt...Simplicity 2226

Sunday, May 13, 2012

I'm in love with my new skirt!!  Slowly but surely I finished a keeper!!

I coulda, shoulda, woulda had this skirt finished some time ago if it wasn't for the fact that I've been addicted to the t.v.  I've been in awe over everyone's Mad Men inspired duds that I had to start watching the show.  Since my cheapo dish package does not include AMC, I bought the first 4 seasons on Ebay.  I've been glued to the television ever since.  Somehow I pulled myself away from the t.v. today and I'm so glad I did.  If I known I was going to be so excited over a skirt I would of finished it sooner.  I was so into it that I sewed right through lunch and supper.  I'm devouring a bag of wavy Lay's as I type. 

I happened to stumble across a sew along for this skirt done by Noodlehead.  Funny name huh?  I have a hard time following pattern instructions at times so I found her blog to be very helpful!  I finished all my seams thanks to her instructions.  And her detailed pictures were awesome when it came to sewing in the zipper.  Now on to the fun stuff...a shitload of pictures!!  I kinda went crazy.

My husband cracks me up...you don't wanna know

It's Pug Approved

Yay me! Now go get a tan!!

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  1. Love the skirt! I love the polka dots too!


  2. Really pretty! The fabric looks really nice- what kind of fabric is it? It has a lovely sheen to it.
    Well done, your skirt is so great! I love polka dots :)

    1. I'm just horrible when it comes to knowing what types of fabric I'm working with! I do know it was some sort of polyester blend. It is almost silk like.

  3. Love the polka dots! I also joined Noodlehead's sew-a-long for this skirt, I love sew-a-longs, you learn all sorts of new tricks/tips.

  4. Gorgeous! That sheen plus the polka dots makes it an uber cute skirt! Lovely photos, too!

  5. So cute! Great job!! Good to see Vito likes it!

  6. Love the skirt, it looks great on you. Much better with lighter fabric.

  7. so cute! love love the polka dots!

  8. I joined www.PatternReview.com mostly for the same reason, which has monthly challenges to keep ones sewing machine constantly on the go.

  9. Fun, trendy, and stylish skirt. It looks very versatile!

  10. Absolutely adorable!!! I wish I knew how to sew well!! Looks like I'll just have to admire your stuff!

  11. Such an awesome skirt. I've made the tulip version of this pattern and do want to get on with making the flared one. The polka dot fabric is lovely. Is it a mix or cotton? Also doog love!

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