Progress Report!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My muslin for Simplicity 1803 is coming along better than I thought.  I had a few issues understanding some of the instructions but nothing a meltdown break couldn't fix.  I've found the best thing to do when I'm having problems is to walk away and come back to it later.  Eventually, even if it takes me reading the instructions twenty times, I will get it.  I've cut out a size 12 and I'm thinking it may be a little too big.  Especially in the chest area....

I tried it on and it seems to fit a little better than it looks on my dressform.  It's as if my dressform is smaller than I am and I have no idea how that can be since I endured three torturing hours of being wrapped in duct tape.  It should be my exact twin.  I'm definitely going to have to shorten the waist area a bit.  I didn't cut a petite size like I should have because well I'm in denial about being short.  I like living in fantasy land where I'm tall and well endowed.  This sort of behavior poses problems when it comes to correct sizing.

Hope everyone had a good Memorial Day weekend!! Vito got to go for a car ride and it done tuckered him out!

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  1. Oh, Vito... what a little doll! He's so sweet! Happy muslining-- this is going to be so cute on you!

    1. He's a little ham alright. I'm so anxious to cut into my fabric and get started!! I loathe making muslins but they are really helpful when your unsure of the fit.

  2. Ahh muslins. Such a pain but worth it.. looks like you have princess seams there which will be easier than darts to adjust. I've been struggling away with darts, they are so annoying, lol!
    Looks like it's not just too big in the bust though, maybe the neckline too? GOOD LUCK! You can do it!

  3. Yes I always seem to have a problem with the neckline. I'll probably end up cutting a smaller size. Can't wait to get it finished!