Short & Sweet - Lisette 2059

Monday, June 25, 2012

Yesterday I made a dress all in one day!! Yes that's right you heard it, I made a dress in a few hours.  That's quite a feat for me!  Lisette 2059 has been hiding in my stash for a while.  I made the skirt a while back, one of the first pieces of clothing I've made. You can see it on my Flickr account here.  I had every intention of making the dress but it just got buried and forgot about.  I'm sure you know all too well how that happens.  I then got inspired by fellow blogger Christy over at mystitchnbitch.  She made a super cute version of the dress and after reading how easy it was and the fact it only took a few hours I had to give it a go.  I had the perfect cotton fabric I've been dying to use so I pulled that from my stash and a few hours later I had me a dress....

This dress only had 6 pieces to cut out.  A little bit of gathering in the front and binding the neck and armholes and wall-la your done.  It also had a tie belt but I never make those because I find them to be a pain in my ars plus I'd rather use my own belt.  I cut a size 10 and really probably should of cut the a smaller size because the armholes are gaping open and the back neckline gapes open.  I ended up gathering the back neckline and that helped to eliminate some of the gaping.  When I wear it to work I plan on wearing a cardigan with it so the gaping armholes are of no concern to me at the moment.  I do however think I'm going to take it in at least an inch on each side and see if that helps.  I won't be doing that for awhile though since it involves a seam ripper and a lot of patience.  I think tomorrow after I get my hair did I'll slip into Joann's and scour the clearance rack for some knit fabric to whip me up another one of these.  I would take a picture of me in the dress but to be honest I'm lazy and in my pj's plus my photographer is already in bed so this is as good as it's gonna get folks..

Look how happy my dressform is!!
Vito's upset that he hasn't made an appearance lately in my posts so I thought I'd share a video of his recent shenanigans.  I got a new pillow so I thought he may like my old one to sleep on. It would seem to be a lot more comfortable than the two blankets he currently sleeps on.  And boy oh boy is it a sad day in Vito land when I wash the blankets.  He gets this pathetic look on his face like he's never gonna see them again. (i have to throw toys away when he's not looking cuz I swear I've seen a tear drop from his eye when he's caught me in the act)  Anyhoo so I walked in to find Vito working feverishly to get this stoopid pillow out of his cage.  How dare the humans shove such a cheap looking pillow into my sleep spot!


So all you fellow pet owners, where's your pet's comfy spot? Mine would be our bed but my husband would never allow it.

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  1. Oh, Vito-- what a guy! My two pugs sleep in bed with us... ridiculous, I know! They're so cuddly and sweet, BUT, we always wake up crammed into half of our full-sized bed because they're such bed hogs!

    Oh, and cute dress! I got all pug-distracted!

    1. Oh if Ryan would allow it Vito would sleep with us. Before we got married I had a pug, Maizy Girl and she slept with me. I always woke up with her practically laying on my head. And I have to say it is rather hard to sleep with a pug at times cuz they like to snore!

  2. Thanks for the shout out :) I love yours, the floral is perfect for this dress. It's nice to just whip some easy ones out every once in a while and have something cute to show for all that "hard work" . I think I will probably make another one too! Great little dress!

  3. So cute! And I am jealous that you made it in a day (lol, I always get this way with all the other speedy sewing bloggers!). Good lucky finding cute fabric at Joanns! :)

  4. A dress all in one day? Amazing. Love the fabric choice - definitely a winner of a floral!

  5. Pretty dress, Shanni! Vito is cute and hilarious. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Very cute dress. Perfect print, and love it with that cardigan! You'll get so much wear out of it.

    My two cats completely own this one loveseat I have. I don't think a human has ever sat in it. One cat always has to sleep right against me, which is pretty gross in this weather.

    Kisses to Vito. Congrats again on this lovely dress.

  7. What a cute dress! I'm seriously in love with the fabric, it's so hard to find nice rose prints over here...

    Cute Vito, too!