NSM Challenge Week 2: Thrift Store Remake

Sunday, September 16, 2012

For week two of my challenge I decided to transform one of the many thrift store bargains I have picked up over the past few months. I found this wrap skirt in a fall'ish flower print. It's a medium weight stretchy cotton blend of sorts.   I paid no more than $2 for this.

Shanni the Mani...I know your dying to get this on

I wanted to keep it as a skirt but envisioned it as a high waisted button up.  So first thing I did was
cut the skirt into 3 separate panels...then I cut off the stretchy waistband on the back of the skirt.

The back also had two darts that I let out.  I put it on Shanni the Mani and pinched out two new darts.

Sewed those bad boys up then used the scraps I had cut off the bottom for the back waistband...

Now for the front two panels, one panel had 4 buttons and the other side had the 4 buttonholes that went down the side of the skirt.  I was able to use the panel with the existing buttonholes as the base for the front center of my skirt. My intentions was to add on 5 more buttonholes...didn't exactly turn out that way, more on that later.  I basted the side seams together so I could play with them more later and not stick myself to death with pins.  Now mind you through all this I had me a little helper too...

Your first button should go riiight here.

So back to them buttonholes.  I had every intention of making 5 more buttonholes to end up with nine total.  I was going to make actual functioning buttonholes.  Then I thought why go to all that trouble??  I already have 4 working buttonholes,  I don't really need anymore.  I can easily get the skirt off and on with what I've got.   I ended up just sewing the two panels together down the center starting below the first 4 existing buttons.  Then I just sewed the buttons on top and switched out the existing buttons.  You can't even tell that they are not actual working buttonholes and why would anyone be staring that hard to notice they aren't is what I would want to know! 

So I think it turned out pretty well..

I ordered some really cute brown suede wedge boots that should be coming any day now. I think they will look super cute with this skirt. Maybe switch out the blue tights for some brown and get me a skinny brown belt for a work look.  This look will do for a lazy Sunday...

Hope you all have a great week! What's everyone working on?  Here's a peak at what I'll be working on for week 3...

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  1. Wouldn't pick it as the same skirt! You have a good eye for potential in a remake...

  2. Wow, I always admire remakes :) It looks really good :) And draping in darts? What a master, lol, that still scares me!

    1. Haha! Master I'm not. I think I got lucky with those darts. lol

  3. Great refashion!! This looks so cute (and will look even cuter with those TO-DIE-FOR boots!)!

    Vito kills me! He is honestly SO CUTE! I can't even take it!!

  4. Oh that is super cute! Hope you gets heaps of wear from it xx

  5. This is a lovely restyle - great fabric and the length looks a lot more modern

    1. Thank you! I really want to do a lot more of these remakes. I've got a pile to work on. lol