Playing with my feet

Monday, November 19, 2012

Not too long ago I got a new machine.  A Singer Signature and it does all kinds of fancy stuff.  I won't lie I bought it for that fancy stuff too, fancy stuff that most likely I'm never gonna use.  What can I say, I'm a sucker for fancy stuff.  My husband often makes fun of me at the grocery store for some of the things I buy, like cookies with fancy writing on the package.  Yes I'm being accused of buying cookies merely for the fancy writing on the package.  You know that fancy writing makes them cookies taste better.  

These cookies look delicious damn it, fancy writing or not, so stop giving me shit and throw them in the cart already!  (and I can vouch,these cookies are delish!)

So anyway back to my sewing machine, it came with a lot of feet, 20 to be exact.  I have no clue what most of them are.  I decided to do a little research on them and thought I'd share with you all.  I don't usually talk about my feet but I'm hoping some may find this helpful.  I'm also hoping you all will be open to share your feet with me.  The feet or foot I'm going to discuss today is the cut-n-hem foot.

----CUT N HEM FOOT----

I was pretty excited about this foot when I first seen it.  I don't have a serger and to be honest I'm quite scared of one.  All that threading looks like a headache.  I thought this would be the perfect replacement.  This foot is used to trim excess fabric while sewing and creates a finished edge, much like a serger.  If you can see the screw at the front of the foot, it is holding a teeny tiny blade that trims the excess fabric.  I know what your all thinking, that blade isn't going to last forever and you are absolutely correct.  I tried her out and one thing I learned, always follow directions and don't have your face plastered as close to the machine as you can get it while sewing with strange feet.  This foot is only to be used with a zig zag or overcast stitch.  Using a straight stitch is a for sure way to break your needle and almost poke your eye out.  Good thing I had my glasses on!  First to start you want to make sure your foot is attached correctly.  I know all machines are not created equal so I'll spare you my details.  Cut a 1 inch by 1/2 inch wide notch in your fabric and place it over the front part of the foot and under the little lippy thing.  Sorry I know I'm sooo good at describing things.

Now before you hit the gas this is the perfect time to make sure your on a zig zag stitch or overcast stitch and for pete's sake sit up straight and back away from the machine!

The results aren't too shabby.  I will probably find this foot useful for small projects like finishing the edges of pocket lining.  I don't see it working too well on a heavy weight fabric.  The blade is prone to wear out rather quickly making it absolutely useless.  I'm sure you could probably replace the blade that is if you can find replacements.  I also take back what I said about it replacing a serger.  I'm sure all you more experienced sewers are laughing at me right now.  A serger does a more eye pleasing job.  But for those of us that don't have a serger just yet there are tons of other options for finishing edges, a plain ol' zig zag to start and let's not forget about the trusty pinking shears!

So if your all still with me and have not stopped reading due to boredom do any of you have this particular foot and have you found it useful?  Was this post helpful to anyone?...anyone?...wanna hear about my other feet!?  Why do I feel like I'm in a once crowded, now empty room tapping on my microphone to make sure it's still on??

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  1. wow i've never heard of a foot like this. pretty cool!

  2. I think I'm having foot envy. I'm pretty sure my machine has less than 10 feet probably closer to 5. And subtract the one that I already broke. Oops. And subtract the ones I can't seem to figure out! Blasted narrow hemmer foot! Oh but I do love my buttonhole foot. It's pretty amazing.

  3. Ohmygosh I just had the dorkiest idea. I'm about to sew some baby shoes. How funny would it be to sew a little zippered bag shaped like a SHOE to store all of my feet in. Hahahahaha

  4. I second the fancy writing makes cookies taste better. I also believe that foil-topped toothpicks make sandwiches taste better. I think I'm a bit envious of your multiple feet. I only have three basics to go with my basic machine. I did finally get a serger within the last year, and it does help a lot for some projects (with a lot less headache in the threading than one would think). Even with the serger available, I still do the zig-zagged or pinked edges for some things.

  5. I had never seen this sewing foot. I think that on a pinch, with lightweight fabrics, it will work well. m.

  6. I so want this foot! *jealous face*

  7. So rad! I haven't heard of either and I want to see more!

  8. Oh that is fancy! Have fun playing with your new machine :D