Top 5 of 2012: Fails

Monday, December 24, 2012

Now on to the not so fun part of the celebration, the fails.  The time when I'm forced to blow the dust off my UFO pile and try to figure out what the hell went wrong.  I discovered not all my fails were UFO's.  Some I totally completed and still for one reason or another have not worn to this day.  And let me tell ya there are more than 5 but for sanity sake I'm only gonna talk about 5.

1.  My first dress...

Lisette 2060.  I was so excited when I first seen this pattern.  I was in love with the contrasting yoke and belt and had to make the exact same one as seen on the pattern.  Now it doesn't look too bad in the picture but mind you to be comfortable in it I'd have to stand like this the entire day.  The sleeves are just not working for me.  I'm unable to move my arms at all without feeling like I'm going to rip out a seam.  It actually looks pretty cute as a sleeveless but we still  have the bagginess under the boobs to deal with.  Needless to say it looks like a trash bag without the belt.  I have had plans to turn this into a handbag. 

2.  My first skirt...

Simplicity 2226.  This is where I learned fabric choice does matter and you can't use quilting cotton for everything..damn it!  The quilting cotton was a little too stiff for all the gathering happening in this skirt so it didn't want to lay right.  Standing certain ways it looked like I had a bubble butt.  I did turn this skirt into a handbag see here.  I also made a cuter polka dot version here.

3.  My first UFO...

Simplicity 2892: 6 made ass.  This was my first attempt at a top and wouldn't you know I picked the version with a shit ton of gathering.  Once I got all the gathering done I was lost as to how it got attached to the neckline.  After going through this UFO pile it looks as if I still have more pieces to gather.  I'm sure I'm more skilled now that I could figure out how to attach it it's just that I've kind of lost interest in it and to hell with all that gathering.  This may be one that stays in the UFO pile FOREVER....(gasp!)

4.  The Maxi...

Maxi dresses were all the rage this summer.  I wanted to wear this to a wedding and was going for the style on the far right of the pattern.  Not sure what this fabric is but it's really slippery and shiny.  I tried lining the dress as well and the lining was also slippery (it was polyester).  This is what is finished of the bodice.  Some of the seams are puckered and don't want to lay right.  I had the worst time working with these two fabrics.  It's giving me a headache now trying to even think about it.  I'm not sure why it's still laying in my UFO pile other than being a reminder of pure failure.  This will be trashed and the fabric left over I think I can turn into a skirt or tank to wear under cardigans. 

Colette Juniper.  I love this style just not on me.  They are a little too wide and a little to long.  These two things are fixable.  Not particularly happy with my fabric choice.  It was a suiting fabric and the kind that shows off your panty and pocket lines. Gross.  My plans are to bring in the inseam and shorten the length to see if I like them any better.  If so I will make another pair with a more heavier weight fabric.

So there you have it.  My 5 most memorable fails.  There are more and I'm sure there will be more but it's all a part of the sewing process and learning.  I've learned patience is important as well as fabric choice!

I'm not as far along as I had planned to be in the Top 5 of 2012 postings.  I decided to move my sewing room from the basement to a spare bedroom upstairs so I've been frantically painting and rearranging.  Maybe I'll do a sewing room tour once it's all done.

I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!!  Hope Santa stuffed your stockings full whether it be with coal or sewing notions.

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  1. Aww, bummer about the Itinerary Dress - it looks so cute on you! Love your shoes too: I have the same ones ;-)

  2. Glad you could have a laugh at these 5 'fails'. Your Simplicity 2892 can join my disclaimed fail - so we can both blame the pattern! A new sewing room sounds a fun way to start the sewing New Year off with - yes please for the tour.
    Merry Christmas and fingers crossed for a 'Happy Santa' delivery...J

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one who failed with that pattern. Merry Christmas to you!

  4. Aww man, at least your fails look cute from here! I'm a little scared to think back about mine! Yikes!

  5. Snap! I so have the start of a skirt in the same fabric as your skirt. We're quilting fabric victims together ;)

  6. Lol, I almost want to put together a fails post now... Almost haha. :P Overall your disasters seem pretty minor :)