Top 5 of 2012: Inspiration & Goals

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Top 5 of 2012

I decided to knock out the last two topics of this celebration in one post so here we go.


My blog list is always growing.  I'm always reading sewing blogs in awe over what others have created.  I find all of you inspiring and there is no way I'm going to be able to pick just 5 so I'm gonna spread the love!!  I  follow so many blogs that I want to compliment them all and that would take forever and a day so instead I thought I would focus on the blogs I've been following from the very beginning of my sewing journey.  I know there will be some on here you've all heard of and follow so if you see an unfamiliar name I encourage you to click the link and show them some love because they deserve it!  Throughout my year of blogging you've either inspired me or encouraged me to keep trucking along and I am forever grateful to you for that!

A Sewing Odyssey
Amanda's Adventures in Sewing
Bimble and Pimble
Cari Homemaker Deserves a Cocktail
Cuckoo Chanel
Dapper Duds
Did You Make That?
Gertie's New Blog for Better Sewing
Ginger Makes
Handmade Jane
House of Pinheiro
i heart fabric
Julia Bobbin
Kati Made
Kazz the Spazz
Kitty's Drawings
Lucky Lucille
Made by Rae
Making It Well
Miss Crayola Creepy
seamstress: poppykettle
Sew Happy Katy
Sew I Thought
Sewin' Steady
so i sewed this
 'So Zo
Stitch and Witter
Tilly and the Buttons

Wow wee that's quite a list and that's not even half of it.  I've discovered so many more blogs through all of the sewalongs I have been a part of this year. You all rock! Thank you!

2013 Sewing Goals...

1.  Sewing for 15 minutes a day.  A couple months ago Tilly and the Buttons did a post about this.  I am one of those sewers who sits down and sews for a long period of time.  If I can't get a lot accomplished in one setting what's the point?  When I get home from work often I'm too tired or lazy so I'll wait until the weekend when I can sit down for the whole day with no interruptions.  Well it's kind of crazy to think that way when I could take 15 minutes (a commercial break) to work on tracing a pattern or cutting it out.  Whatever it is I'm that much closer to getting it done and I'm less likely to stress myself out or think I have to stay up until 2 am to finish.  Which is also a good way to burn yourself out.

2.  Me Made May.   I'm so excited to participate in Me Made May in 2013.  I really wanted to participate this year but I just did not have enough handmade garments.  I don't think my co-workers would of found it amusing for me to wear the same shirt two to three times a week. :)  I want to work on building up my wardrobe so I can participate in 2013.

3.  Stash busting.  My fabric stash has really started to get out of hand.  I'm absolutely addicted to the mystery bundles Fabric Mart offers.  This is not good for my wallet or my sewing room as I'm starting to run out of room to store this fabric.  My goal is to make at least 3 new pieces out of fabric I already own before I allow myself to buy anymore.

4.  Scrap busting.  Along with too much fabric is too many scraps.  I've got a lot of ideas on how to use up these scraps. Just gotta get crackin'!

5.  Must make more blouses!! I keep telling myself that and then turn around and make pants or skirts.  Then I tear up my closet trying to find a shirt to wear with it.  I also find I tend to gravitate more towards prints so I also need to add more solids.

That's a wrap of my Top 5 of 2012. We've taken a trip back through the year and discussed my favorites, fails, what I've learned , bloggers I find inspiring and my goals for 2013.  I hope you have enjoyed reading along.  Thanks to Gillian for coming up with this great idea! I'm looking forward to playing along next year and seeing if I actually stick to my goals ;)

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  1. Ooh, I like your goals! I'm starting to have a pretty serious stash and scrap problem-- it all just piles up so quickly! Thanks for the shout-out, too! I'm looking forward to checking out the blogs I'm not familiar with.

  2. I like the sewing for 15 minutes idea - it actually seems doable (and stress free!) Off to have a peek at your list of blogs - always love looking at what the others are up to...J

  3. Really achievable goals... Thanks for spreading the love...

  4. I've loved reading these posts. And that blog list was great. Unbelievably (as I already obsessively follow so many blogs) there are a couple in there I haven't come across before and they are all wonderful! So thanks for the awesome blog list. Great goals too and I'm looking forward to us sewing along together in blog land in 2013!

  5. Loving your goals for 2013 list- realistic AND awesome! And I can see why those Fabric Mart mystery bundles are addictive... ;) Thank you so much for the shout out- I'm going to be checking out some fab new blogs!

  6. Thanks for the shout-out. I hear you on the goal of stash-busting. Can't wait to see what you make in 2013 :)

  7. Great goals! I think I share #5 with you, I desperately need more blouses. Hee. I'm hoping to be able to participate in Me Made May next year, though I still don't know if I'll be at that point in my sewing to have enough item I've made. I'm hoping so!

  8. Thanks for the blog love! And thanks for introducing me to a few new ones :) I love finding new blogs! I'm definitely with you on stash busting, and more importantly, scrap busting. My scraps are getting legitimately out of control!! It's kind of embarrassing lol. I can't wait to see what you come up with for 2013! Happy New Year!

  9. So many good goals... I am really digging the 15 minute thing, I think it's just the thing to break one out of sewing slumps :)
    And loads of good blogs there! So many to read!
    Happy New Year :D

  10. Thank you for the blog love lovely! I need to update my reader so I'll definitely check out these others. Great goals too, stash busting is a must for me too. Happy sewing for 2013

  11. soisewedthis.blogspot.comJanuary 2, 2013 at 3:33 PM

    Thanks for sharing the love! Hope you had a happy new year!