Scrap Busting

Thursday, January 10, 2013

One of my goals this year was to get rid of my ginormous pile of fabric scraps I've been accumulating.  I hate throwing anything away so if I think I can somehow recycle it later I'm keeping it.  I have a huge Mood Fabrics bag in my closet spilling over with a year's worth of fabric scraps. Thought I'd share real quickly one easy way to get rid of those scraps and spruce up your decor as well...Pillows!!!

I made the stink pot a pillow and this is the only time he laid on it.  The cat seems to enjoy it more than he does.  Vito has more exquisite taste. Only the finest silks for his fine little behind to lay on.


I had a coworker ask me to shorten the length on some hot pink curtains for her daughter's room.  I took the leftovers and made this bolster aka neck pillow following this super easy tutorial.  I finished it this evening in under 2 hours.  Note the pet pillow I made in the first picture is stuffed only with fabric scraps and it's rather heavy.  For this neck pillow I stuffed it with a mixture of fabric scraps and pillow stuffing so that it would be fluffy and comfy to lay your head on.  So that is something you might want to consider.  Do you want a flat hard turd to lay your head on or a soft fluffy cloud??? Maybe that's why Vito won't lay on his pillow...hmmm.   She also brought me a couple of old blue pillows that needed sprucing up so I made the black envelope style pillow covers using this tutorial

So if your a hoarder like me and you save even the tiniest of scraps I found pillows is one of the easiest, quickest ways to get rid of them.  Do you have any other ways to use them?

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  1. Great idea for using up all those scraps (that multiply quickly) from the stash! I think I am more of a cloud pillow person rather than the turdy feeling....

  2. Wait... you're not supposed to let scraps pile up in overflowing bags? Blerg... My eventual plan is to cut my scraps into strips and weave a rag rug, but we'll see if that ever happens!

  3. I hate scraps too, but I have no good ideas for them! Boo! Those are very nice looking cushions though!

  4. When we got Frankie I did this for her bed! It's cute and she loves it, but it's so heavy and I'm not sure how to wash it :( My scrap bag is also overflowing, so I'm thinking of making a smaller version for the cats.

  5. I think I could use Vito's as arm weights and get me some guns!! lol I'm afraid to wash mine in the washer too cuz it's so heavy, don't want to tear up my washer. Next time I'll mix pillow stuffing in too.

  6. That's a good idea!! I have a rag rug my granny made me.