Sewaholic Renfrew: Number 1 of 5,546,789

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Who hasn't heard or seen of the Sewaholic Renfrew?  Well if you haven't pull yourself out from under that rock because this is one sweeet pattern!


Friday I woke up got all ready for work and realized we had freezing rain.  Just as I was about to get on Facebook to see if anyone posted about road conditions (gotta love facebook for that) my hubs called me from his work and told me to STAY HOME!  Well you'll hear no back talk out of me!  It was pretty bad out and my car is like one gigantic ice skate.  I could of easily been one of the slide offs on the highway I kept hearing about all that morning.  So what else to do but sew all day, yay!

I used a fun rainbow print cotton knit jersey from Girl Charlee.  I only had one yard of this fabric and the pattern calls for a little over 2 yards.  I really had to finagle the pattern and fabric to get what I needed out of it.  The neckline was supposed to be cut on the bias.  I didn't have enough fabric to do that so it was cut on the straight grain.  Totally explains why my neckline is now floppy and stretched out after I washed it.  Now I know why bias cuts are important. Part of the learning experience I guess!  I really wish I could find more of this fabric because I would totally fix my goof.


I can't say I disliked anything about this pattern.  Easy to follow and super quick.  I took others advice and measured the pattern pieces and compared to other tops I like the fit of.  This really helped me a lot when it came to choosing a size.  I cut a size zero and the only alterations I will have to make next time is enlarging the circumference of the sleeve as it is a little snug.  I also extended the length of the top which I think I can get away with not doing next time.  You can see the wrinkles forming so that's telling me it may be a little too long.


Be prepared to see a lot more of these tops from me.  I love a quick easy project.  I've got some more Girl Charlee fabric set out to make the cowl neck version.  Catch ya on the flip flop! Peace..

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  1. Did you stretch the neckline binding when you sewed it on? I never cut it on the bias, because since it's a knit, it's already stretchy on the straight grain. Google "threads neckline binding" and click on the first video from Threads Magazine. (:

  2. Yay, Renfrew! I have had one cut out but for some reason am not working on it right now?? This looks great! Well done.. it fits so much better than my first, lol! :P

  3. Maybe I didn't stretch it enough. That is a very helpful video! I may try to take it off and do again now that I've seen that video. Thanks!! and wow I need a serger :)

  4. Obsessedddd with Renfrew! Your version is adorable!

  5. Super cute! I love this on you-- it's so fun! And hooray for an excuse to stay home and sew! Yeah, knit neckbands are usually cut on the straight grain (i.e. with the direction of greatest stretch). But the neckbands will sometimes be floppy when you cut them the recommended length if your fabric is really stretchy.

  6. yes my fabric was really stretchy! Well that's what I love about sewing, always learning something! Do you think I could take it off and re do it.

  7. I bet you could! It's just zigzagged on, right? It's a pain in the butt to unpick knit fabric, but I think it's worth it to have a top that you LOVE!

  8. yay, cute top! Love the stripes and your pretty kitty.