Sewlution progress

Sunday, February 10, 2013

As some of you may have seen already Karen over at Did You Make That pulled 3 names out of the Sewlutions jar to check on their progress.  Wouldn't you know it that yours truly was one of the first names pulled.  If some of you aren't familiar Karen's awesome idea was to have everyone write down what their sewing goal was for the year.  At the end of the year (with random progress reports throughout the year) we would have to fess up on whether we acheived our goal.  She had a whopping 244 responses!!  To refresh your memories here is what my sewlution was word for word...

I really want to push myself and sew one item a week, whether it be clothing, accessories, or refashions. I tend to get a little lazy. Last September I made myself a monthly goal to sew one item a week. It really kept me motivated and I did accomplish it. We’ll see if I can stick it out a whole year!
Yeah I'm now realizing how hard it is to sew a garment a week!  I have faith I can do it and reading everyone's encouraging words is even more motivation.  Since Karen's post I have received many new followers.  It's very exciting to know that others are interested in my progress and want to cheer me on.  Thanks to everyone! It keeps me motivated to accomplish the task at hand.  So I know what your all really wanting to know is,  how have I done so far!?  I'm happy to say that I am on track!  With six weeks behind us so far in 2013 here are the 6 items I've made.

        Colette Beignet               Gertie's Portrait Blouse            Goodwill Refash                Sewaholic Renfew #1                   Renfrew #2

Yes I know I'm missing one.  The only photographic evidence of it is the picture I snapped for Instagram.  It was a big flowery dud of a mess.  I guess I'll be generous and show you the catastrophie...


The fabric was all wrong, the print was all wrong and it was just too big. 

So who else is in on the Sewlution?? What was yours and how's your progress?  Leave me a comment with your blog so I can follow along.

Catch ya on the flip flop! Peace..

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  1. Nice work on your speed sewing! You're rocking it hard!

  2. Wow, you go, girl! Way to keep up with your resolution!

  3. Love your makes, but it's a pity about your dud. It's very... Auntsy? if you know what I mean.

    I'm in the jar and was terrified I was going to be pulled - I've stuck to my sewlutions but haven't had a chance for photos... better get onto that pronto!

  4. Interesting. I have a question why is it that you want to sew one item a week? What is it that you hope to accomplish?

  5. Actually my sewlution was kind of a last minute, start typing wildly and this is what happens. lol. I had actually thought about it for a while and didn't really think it was something I could accomplish. When I seen Karen's post I thought why not give it a try. I tend to get lazy during the week and I thought this would be a good way to motivate me to put down the bag of chips, get off the couch and do something productive like sewing. I also tend to be a little hard on myself so it would be great to look back at the end of the year and see that I can do it and be proud of myself for once.

  6. I missed Karen's post until it was too late, but in lieu of it I made my own personal resolution. I haven't actually shared it online at all since I wasn't sure I could stick to it (still not sure I can). I set a goal of sewing 2 things a month. For me that was HUGE, seeing as I realized I only sewed 5 things all last year! So far though I am ahead of schedule, which has me very happy and I see myself getting more comfortable with it and less pissy about my mishaps and minor issues. lol

    Good luck with your resolution-- you're doing great so far!

  7. lol! boy I know all about the getting pissy part! I seem to be handling that better myself. I'm sure you won't have any problems accomplishing your goal.