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Sunday, April 14, 2013

'I, Shannon of Shanni Loves..., sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '13. I endeavor to wear one handmade or refashioned garment at least twice a week for the duration of May 2013' 

Participating in Me-Made-May was one of my sewing goals for the year.  I have been excited about it since I found out about it last year.  I only wish I had more Spring garments to wear so I could do more than twice a week.  I'm going to really be pushing myself for the two because my handmade Spring collection consists of like 3 or 4 items I actually like to wear, and I'm trying not to do any repeats.  So to prepare I was in quite a sewing frenzy today.  I've started on a pair of red crop pants...


The fabric is wool blend gabardine from Mood and just let me say it's a dream to work with.  So far I'm really liking this pattern but we'll see how "Amazing" it is after I've got them completed.  

I also started on my Mad Men challenge.  Yes I know Friday is the day.  I really had every intention of skipping this challenge because I just wasn't feeling it and I didn't think I'd have time to finish.  But it just takes that one little push from someone to get me motivated.  Simply it was just a comment I got today from Rosy @ Sewingadicta asking me how my project was coming along.  I didn't think any of you would notice if I just skipped the challenge so I was stoked to come to the realization that you are excited to see what I do (even if I'm not sometimes)!  So I washed my fabric and have it cut and ready to go.  It's a fairly simple pattern so I should have no problem getting it finished by Friday, that is if I don't have any fitting issues (knock on wood).  Here's my inspiration...(it's changed quite a bit from my original plans)


Question for you.. Have you ever had that one project you were so excited about, worked on it night and day, dreamed about it, pined over it, daydreamed about it (ok you catch my drift) and when your so close to having it completed you just decide you don't like it anymore and would rather run it through a wood chipper or play five finger roulette with your cutting shears than to finish it? No? Yes?  Well that was me and this dress...


It's a lot of the reason I wanted to skip my Mad men dress.  I know it's not so bad, it could use a hem job and a zipper but I'm just not in love with it anymore.  It's retro Butterick 5209.  I've loved other versions I've seen out there in Sewing Land.  I was determined Saturday to finish it no matter what.  It's fully lined and I had the hardest time following the instructions.  That put me in a mood so when it took me 5 hours to get one side of the zipper in I was ready to chuck it out the window (into that wood chipper). .  I can't really explain why it took me 5 hours to install one side of the zip.  The fabric and lining was just so fiddly.  It just didn't want to cooperate and I was trying to be snazzy and put the zipper in between the fabric and lining.  Before giving up I decided to try it on again for the hundredth time and realized even if I did finish it I would never wear it.  No sense in wasting 5 more hours of my life so I am now planning on turning it into a skirt so please ask me about it later.  

Ok on to the giveaway.  Because I love you all so much and I happened upon a pattern sale the other day I wanted to share the love.  You could have in your hands one of Gertie's patterns.  

Either Butterick 5859
         Crop top and crop pants

OR Butterick 5882
    a beautiful lined dress

So if you would like to win one of these all you need to do is comment below and tell me which pattern you would like.  Please make sure to leave either an email address or your blog address so I can reach you if you win.  Also just for fun, since I'm watching Mad Men as I type, tell me are you more of a Don gal or does Roger do it for you?  I personally think Roger is mighty dapper and Don is just a dog.  Well pretty much all the men in the show are dogs aren't they?  Good Luck!  I will pick a winner next Sunday, April 21st.

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  1. Aww, Shannon, I like your dress!!! I guess I'm not there and seeing it through your eyes, but from over here, it looks pretty darn fabulous! But, having said that, it will make a pretty awesome skirt too. Can't wait to see it!

    And, oh YA, I'm all over this giveaway. For me, I'm going with the beautiful lined dress. The other pattern is so cute and, in fact, far more practical, but I just don't have the vertical fluency (if you will) to pull of anything cropped. And, did you check my blogpost for the winner of my Equinox Celebration Givewaway?? Is it you??? Can you find your beautiful, poetic comment about your favourite season in the post?? Here is the link:

  2. Oh, and to answer your question (I wanted to let you know that I did not ignore it), but actually have never watched MadMen, so, well, obviously have no comment there one way or another. Although am delighted to completely make something up, based on my absolutely zero knowledge of the TV program. LOL.

  3. How kind to host a giveaway. I've been in love with the lined dress since it has been released so please throw my name into the hat for that one.

  4. Ooh, winning 5882 would be so exciting!! Yikes, neither D nor R, thanks :)
    Good luck finishing your projects!

  5. Shanni, I told get what you are saying about being in love and then... not. Sometimes that happens to me mid project and I can't explain why :/

    I just finished up Mad Men too. Don, Don, Don. He's bumming me out this season.

  6. On the dress form it looks cute, and I adore that print so you need to salvage it and make a skirt! I actually made a muslin of that bodice (hoping I could make it for Sew for Victory) and it was a tranny hot mess. I think it's the pattern, not you. I bet those pants are just what you need to get your Mohican back.

  7. I like your dress, maybe you have to put it away for a while and finish it later. I happens to me every now and then, but after a while i feel like finishing it and most often it happens without a lot of difficulties.

    I would love to participate in your giveaway! Gerties dress is just fabulous!

  8. Butterick 5882 for me please! I've never watched Mad Men, so no answer on your question. But I love your dress, hopefully you get excited again on this one.

  9. I'd like to enter for the Butterick 5859 please! I've been looking all over for a cute cropped shirt pattern like that. Might have known Gertie would already be on it. My blog is (I only just started it so don't judge too harshly if you visit).

    Oh, and in answer to your Mad Men question... neither. Ginsberg maybe?

  10. It is so hard to choose, I'll take the dress.

  11. Ooh 5859, I'm a pants girl for everyday wear and I love the look of these. Thanks ans I can't wait to see your garibaldi e pants

  12. Thanks for the giveaway. I'd love to make a couple sets of crop top and crop pants to wear when working in the garden and in the shop. In answer to the Mad men question: a resounding "No, thank you" to both. I dislike almost everyone on the show, at this point.

  13. Milena (of the home blues:)April 15, 2013 at 9:22 AM

    YaY Gertie's patterns I actually still don't have:) I'd like the pants one please! Never win but keep on hoping. I am into Don, not for his character of course, just the looks. He is the sort of mad I am sure, I'd murder after a day (ok, a month) cause he doesn't speak at all, but the man wears suits, and is smart. How do I sign up for me made may13? (I also missed it last year and also thought it's a shame I don't have more spring stuff made..:)

  14. Glad to hear your doing the mad men challenge after all!

    Thank you for the awesome give away - if I had to pick one, I'd say the crop top & pants (and Don Draper), but they're both adorable. :)

  15. Good luck with the challenge! I just won't manage to! Oh and how generous of you. I would love to be entered for the dress please. :)

  16. Good for you to join the Mad Men challenge after all! I was thinking about it, but my fabric only got here last week and I'm writing (board) exams tomorrow and on the two days after that. And I'm not sure if I can manage it all on Friday! Probably not...
    I'd chose that awesome dress! Shelf bust! ;) And I kinda like Don Draper. *g* Very arrogant but hot...

  17. Did you see, Julia extended the deadline to Monday so we have the weekend to sew! Maybe you could squeeze something out??

  18. Here's where you can sign up...
    I've not got a lot of spring stuff either so I gotta get crackin'!

  19. ha! The more I watch the show the more unattractive I think everyone is just by their actions!

  20. I clicked on your blog link but it didn't load the page...typo perhaps?

  21. I like your dress! But I guess you've got to be happy with it, as there is nothing worse than making something you don't wear!

    I have just finished my Mad Men dress and posted it. Not too sure where I'll wear it TBH, but just as well as the fit isn't great and I think I'm going to have to take it apart again...

    Anyway, thanks for the opportunity to win something! I'd love the crop pants and top please. And I don't watch Mad Men (yes, I signed up for a challenge, celebrating a programme I don't watch... but I DO love the era), so I don't know who Roger is. Sorry! Maybe that means I should say Don, but I just don't fancy him.

  22. Oooh, I'm so excited to see your red pants! They're going to be CUTE! I love working with wool-- it presses and sews so beautifully! You can leave me out of the giveaway since I'm trying to get through my scary sewing queue, but I'm excited to see versions of these popping up on the internet. That dress is so pretty!

    Don is so dreamy if you ignore the fact that he's a complete dirtbag, but Roger is so funny! He's my favorite (also a dirtbag, though... what's with these guys???).

  23. and they just keep getting dirtier!!!!

  24. Oh yes, I saw! I'm thinking about it, too, although my parents are coming for the weekend to celebrate end-of-exams. I hope I can squeeze out some time on Friday and Sunday! The fabric in your inspiration pic is fabulous btw, can't wait to see your finished project!

  25. Hi! So I have to first tell you that my name is also Shanni. Really Shannon, but my folks called me Shanny since I was born. Then in fourth grade I thought Shanni was much better, so here we are. I would love to make up one of Gertie's patterns, what a great give away!

  26. That is so awesome!!! My real name is Shannon too but when I was a kid my cousins called me Shanni. They also had a lovely song about me too ..."Shanni Whanni pooped her ........" I'll just let you figure out the rest LOL! ( and NO I did not!) I can still hear them taunting me now. So Shanni just kind of stuck with me, my friends even call me that now.

  27. Hiya,

    I have been following your blog for some time but have never commented before :) I would put the Mad Men dress away for a few weeks so you can reconsider finishing it or make a summer skirt.

    I would loooove the Butterick 5882, such a pretty pattern!

    Don vs Roger. Tricky. I liked Don and the beginning but I've just started Season 4 and he's being such a prick! So I guess Roger, at least he smiles and makes jokes...