Completed: Simplicity 2451

Monday, May 20, 2013

This was one skirt a looong time in the making...Simplicity 2451.  It's funny, sometimes scary at what you might find while giving your sewing room a deep cleaning.  This pattern was found, fully cut, pattern pieces still attached at the bottom of a basket hidden underneath my cutting table.  I somewhat remember starting this when I first starting sewing...oooh in the fall of 2011.  Along with it were some other half finished/half started (however you choose to look at it) items.

These pictures were taken at the end of the day so excuse the wrinkles.

front 2

I can't even tell you what size I cut.  It looks like I couldn't decide between a 10 and 12 so I just thought I'd cut in between the two sizes.  Whatever it was I made it work.  I like the tulip shape design of this skirt.  It has front tab details with buttons and a laped zipper.  Because this was started in the Fall I used a heavier weight suiting material with intentions of pairing it with tights and boots.  I believe it looks suitable for Spring but might be a little too heavy for the Summer months. 


Instead of the lapped zipper I used an invisible zipper.  Most of my time was spent slip stitching the yoke facings and the hem.  I used some pink lace from my stash for the hem.  I have the hardest time hemming skirts like this.  The ease always throws me for a loop.  Any helpful tips would be appreciated.


The Ingredients:
Pattern: Simplicity 2451
Fabric: Suiting fabric from JoAnn's
Notions: Zipper, Two buttons,  Lace trim for the hem - from stash
Alterations: Brought in waist 1/2 inch.  Used invisible zipper instead of lapped.
Wear/Make again: Yes/No
Time to make: approx 6 hours

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  1. This is an absolutely beautiful skirt!! Looks just great on you! I learned in class that the more flare the skirt has (i.e, full circle skirt would be the largest flare) the thinner the hem has to be. So, you would only go about a 1 cm hem for that style. Depending on the fabric, there is also the 'shrink' method where you can baste and then use steam to shrink the fullness in. I tried this on simple cotton. Did not really work, but still managed to get a good 5 cm hem pretty fine.

  2. Have you tried using a walking foot? I was having issues hemming knits and that thing was like magic!

  3. Great skirt! I have just finished my version and skipped the buttons but wish I hadn't now I've seen yours. Oh well, I'll just have to make another!

  4. I love that you're kicking it old skool here! The flare gives this sass!

  5. Looks great I love the first outfit!! Perfect addition to any wardrobe. The close up of the front looks so well made, very clever!!

  6. Looks great! Esp with the peach top! Love the button detail.

  7. Very cute skirt! I really like the shape and the button tabs. Skirts with flare can definitely be tricky to hem. I usually have to either do a little rolled hem or a hand-stitched blind hem.

  8. This looks so cute on you! Way to finish a super-UFO! When I'm doing a hem like that, I will run a basting stitch (by machine) around the hem before I turn it up, so then when you press it up, you can tug on the basting stitches every so often to help ease in the hem.

  9. I will have to give that a try next time. Thanks!!

  10. misscrayolacreepyMay 21, 2013 at 3:59 PM

    I REALLY like that skirt!

  11. Your invisible zipper looks lovely! Very impressive. And you know what? I DO have a tip for the skirt hem! For my circle skirt (same "flare" issue), I finished it with bias tape (see it here: Another thing you can do is create a fabric facing. Ie draft the facing by tracing the hem of the skirt pattern pieces, you get me? (I haven't tried this yet) It's all a bit of extra hassle, but I HATE having to clumsily ease in the hem where it flares, so prefer these options. lol :)
    Gosh I love this skirt, well done :D

  12. I don't know what happened with your blog, your last post appeared in my reader but would not work when I clicked on it! What a nightmare! I hope you get all of your blogs back :-)

  13. And lovely skirt by the way. I like the tabs on the waistband. Hmmm you remind me of a few projects in my stash that I need to finish off...

  14. argh tell me about it. I haven't a clue how I deleted my bloglovin account but I'm slowly adding back all my blogs.

  15. I love that skirt!! I think I have a few of those 'cut out and waiting to be sewn' projects somewhere as well.

    I really love the button tab detail on the waist band and the flared skirt bottom. Super flattering!