Grainline Scout Tee...I made it twice!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

It's not very often that I make a pattern twice in a row.  In fact I'm not sure that it's ever happened so I was surprised at myself when I finished my first Grainline Woven Scout Tee and immediately found myself cutting into more fabric. Must I be Must I be insane...up for discussion.  Must it be a totally awesome, spectacular, super duper pattern....YES!

lace front 2

I decided to make this pattern when I seen Wanett from Sown Brooklyn was hosting a sewalong over on Kollabora.  I like the not overly exaggerated high-low hem and how it's fitted up top and flows looser to the bottom.  This top is also versatile, totally lounge it out for around the house or dress it up for work or play.    

My first look is more business in the front, party in the back...

The fabric came from one of those 10 yard mystery bundles you can get at Fabric Mart.  The main fabric is very see through, well I guess both of the fabrics are see through...derp.  Yes I promise to wear a black cami underneath it when wearing it out.  For picture purposes I'm going commando. (not totally, I have a strapless bra on, tmi?!)

lace front

lace back

The lace cutout was fairly easy to do.  On my back pattern piece I marked a line 5/8 inch below the armhole.  Laid the pattern piece on my lace and folded the pattern on my marked line to cut.  I did the same with my main fabric.  I then attached them together using a french seam.  I also added some braided pebble trim from my stash for a little extra oomph.



I used a french seam for the shoulder and side seams.  To finish the armhole seams I used my cut and hem foot. I should of used my serger but I was scared to change out the thread just yet.  I used my narrow rolled hem foot on the sleeve and bottom hem.  If you've never used a rolled hem foot before they take a little getting used to but once your get the hang of them it's smooth sailing.  

I'm totally telling on myself here but I guess the insides looked so well that I didn't even know I was wearing my shirt wrong side out for like the first half of my pictures.  I was in a pose and as I was looking at the side of my shirt I realized I was looking at the inside of my french seam..doh'!!

The deets:
   Pattern:  Grainline Woven Scout Tee, pdf here, $6.50
   Fabric:   black lace and chiffon??  $2.00
   Notions: black braided pebble trim - given to me by my Hubby's sweet ol' Granny
   Alterations: The shoulder drop was really low on me.  I brought them in a 1/2 inch and made the
                         changes on my pattern.
   Likes: Only 4 pieces. Easy to follow instructions and a quick make.
   Dislikes: shaking my head no
   Wear/Make again: Already have
   Time to make: approx. 3 hours
   Total cost: $8.50

lace side 1

My second version was a total freebie. I got this awesome fabric from the even awesomer Erin of Miss Crayola Creepy.  Not sure what type of fabric this is but it was a little fickle.  The seams wanted to pucker a bit.  I tried different needles, stitch lengths, tension but couldn't get it perfect.  I was able to iron most of the puckering out so it's not noticeable.  I made this version a tad bit longer.  This is my favorite version of the two.

geo tee front
Vito's looking for buried treats

As usual it was windy so never mind my crazy hair. And look closely in the cornfield. You can see our cat Vanderlei lounging it out.
 geo front2

I believe I was cursing the wind here..."Oh come on!"
geo back disgusted

I tried to match up the side seams but you can see here I failed miserably...oh well..sing with me.. You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have The Facts of Life, The Facts of Life
goe side

geo close up

geo back

geo front

 And because you haven't seen enough pics already here's another showing you how I wore it to work that day.  And yes those are towels wrapped around our stair banisters.  If not that little shit on the left would have them clawed up to look like toothpicks.


If you want in on the sewalong there's still time to upload your pictures by July 8th.

Oh and don't forget Google Reader shuts down tomorrow :(   I don't want to lose any of my followers so make sure to follow me on Bloglovin'!
~Peace out!~

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  1. I love the little surprise at the back of the first one!

  2. Crap dude, I am SO in love with that triangle fabric and the lace back on the second scout is pure genius! It also helps that you're a super cutie making the Scout look so good ;)

  3. So cute! I'm even more determined to try this pattern now. :)

  4. I know what you mean about not sewing up a pattern twice. Even when I sew something and love it, I think, no I can't sew it again, I must move on and sew something new! So, wow, that is quite a compliment to sew it again right away! And, I can see why, it's very funky! I just love the lace cut-out you made in the first top. I think I am going to do this for a top I am going to make, but is very low cut in the front. I don't like that aspect of it, but think if I put a lace insert here, it would fix that. And, I love the fabric for the second top!

  5. I like the second one too... interestingly I'm also having trouble pattern matching a triangular themed fabric at the moment! Pesky triangles!

  6. Wow, so cute! Haha the fact that you wore it inside out without noticing is just a sign of stellar craftsmanship!! The lace inset is such a cute detail btw :D

  7. I love both of these! Like really, really love!! I'm planning on making my first one of these as a sewalong with a friend this summer, so now I'm even more excited to get started!

  8. I am not sure my earlier comment posted. So this may be a repeat-but wow both of your tops look great! I have this pattern and your tops have inspired me to make this up soon!

  9. love the second fabric! I need to cut out the pieces for my lace yoke shirt... and maybe make a Scout Tee!

  10. How cute!!! Love both of these on you!

  11. Hi Shanni! just letting you know that I have nominated you for a Super Sweet Blogger award! Love your second Scout tee with the skirt!

  12. awe, kitty in the second photo is too cute!! great job with the lace--it just adds a little something special and looks fantastic!

  13. Simply fierce, Shanni! I adore the lace panel- it's a whole lot of sassy!

  14. Yeah he was caressing himself with the cornstalks. funny cat!

    Thank you!

  15. Do it! This is such a quick, easy pattern!

  16. Thank you! I love this pattern. Definitely plan to make more.

  17. Thanks! Love these kind of patterns! Quick, easy and fun!

  18. Yes I'm a goofball! Not the first time that's happened and I'm sure not the last! haha!

  19. Might I suggest the Scout Tee then?! It looks super cool with a triangular print.

  20. Oh can't wait to see your top finished!!

  21. Why thank you!!! I'm SO in love with this pattern! Thanks for making it awesome!!

  22. Love the fabrics on these tops they look great!! Looks like a nice top pattern yay!

  23. Both of them are super cute! The lace in the back of the first Scout was a great idea. It's a nice way to change up the pattern a bit. The fabric you used for the second top is killer!

  24. Thanks! This is such an easy pattern to add your own touch too.

  25. You've shown how versatile that pattern is! I love how by using different fabric you've got two really different tops even though they are from the same pattern. Zoe x