Sewing Swap Goodies

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Howdy peeps!  I took part in my first sewing swap organized by Kestrel of Kestrel Makes and I'm here to show off what I got.  I was really excited about this swap I mean cuz come on who doesn't like receiving fun surprises in the mail.  Sure beats bills!  I was paired with the lovely Rose of Strange Notions.  She's a UK gal and I thought that it was pretty cool receiving a package that said Royal Mail.  Made me feel all fancy and important.  I wonder if the mailman thinks I'm royalty now...yeah probably more like a royal pain in the ass cuz I'm always having packages delivered that won't fit my mailbox so he has to get out and hand deliver them....sorry guy I have a slight fabric...shoe...purse...ok shopping obsession!

royal mail

Rose and I exchanged emails on what our sewing goals/tastes were.  I think it's a good thing limits were placed on the amount to spend because I had so much stuff I wanted to send.  I found it really challenging to narrow it down.  Rose mentioned in her cute little ladybird (I find it so weird saying ladybird because I've only ever known them to be called ladybugs.  I like ladybird much better) card that she was going by the keywords bold, fun and floral.  I think she touched all bases quite well.

swap contents

First word - BOLD
100% cotton fabric
Designed by Lucie Summers for Moda Fabrics 

Second word - FUN


What's more fun than Robot buttons?
                                            Handmade by Kaela Mills   Check her stuff out...too cute!!

Third word - FLORAL

Provence rose printed ribbon
                                                            Designed by Cath Kidston

 Thanks so much Rose I love it all!  I can't wait to put those robot buttons to use.
If your interested in seeing what I got Rose or what everyone else got check out the link up post here.

~Peace out~ xoxo

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  1. Awesome fabric! I think it is very you!

  2. I am totally digging that fabric! Lucky you!

  3. Ooooooh, love this whole package! So fun!

  4. I'll be blogging about my package from you this evening Shanni, but *SPOILER ALERT* - You did way better than me in getting value for money - I reached my limit so fast! Still, I'm so pleased you like the robot buttons (and can't wait to see what they end up sewn onto!) and glad Sewdebeaux agrees with me that the bold reddish-orange screenprint fabric really evokes your style.

  5. Great fabric! And those buttons are adorable. Glad you enjoyed the swap!

  6. I think that fabric is very me too. I've been thinking hard on what I want to make with it. Thanks for everything! It was so fun!!

  7. Such cute fabric + buttons! I know you're going to come up with something amazing for that ribbon as well. I've never heard them called ladybirds either but it's so cute!

  8. Wow! Such fabulous treats - love the buttons! I've just posted my goodies from the lovely Philippa. Thank-you Krafty Kat :)