Thriftin' Thursday ~ Edition 4 ~ Simplicity 2258

Thursday, June 20, 2013

It's baaaack!  If you remember back a few months ago I was doing a weekly post called Thriftin' Thursday where I'd show new life to a garment I thrifted from the local Goodwill.  Not sure what happened... I guess I got in a slump and was uninspired by what I had in my thrift pile.  That's all changed because I recently went thrift shopping and I left with a big ol' bag of inspiration and some stinky clothes.  I mean not stinky like b.o. or anything but that old musty smell every Goodwill seems to have.  Anyhoo let's start with this glorious piece of fabric ....

refash before
Whoa, what's so glorious??

I fell in love with this bold print and instantly thought pencil skirt with a black peplum top. I was really excited when I seen it was handmade as well. It's just a simple gathered skirt with an elastic waistband and pockets.  And speaking of elastic waistbands I'd like your opinion..How do you feel about pants or skirts made with elastic waistbands?  Lazy man's way out?'s all about comfort?...who cares if no one's gonna see it....or no way! Peeuuuu!  I have mixed emotions on the topic. I mean I'm all for elastic waistbands in lounge pants but not so sure about work attire.  When i think of elastic wasted pants I picture a toddler running around screaming with a melting Popsicle in one hand, snot running down his face and a padded behind from his full diaper or that nice little old lady in the grocery store wearing skirt pictured above with panty hose and SAS shoes who's so sweet to let you go before her because she has all the time in the world.  Elastic waistbands aren't so bad are they??  

For this transformation I pulled out Simplicity 2258.  I didn't want to spend a lot of time and I knew this would be a quick make.  I had to size down my pattern because the size I had was 14-22, I'm more of a size 10.  To do this I looked at the finished garment measurements, and figured the difference between a 10 and 14 = 3 inches.  I then cut out the size 14, cut each pattern piece in half then overlapped the pieces by 1.5 inches.  I have no idea if this is the correct way to size down a pattern but it worked for me.  After washing my stinky skirt I cut out the elastic.  I started with a seam ripper because I was hoping to salvage it but HOLY MOLY look at all those zig zag stitches...

zig zag nightmare 

Cut the side seams apart and I had just enough fabric to squeeze out this pattern.  It was fate I'm telling ya.  The skirt was a cinch to put together. I used my serger for the first time and I'm in love.  The inside looks so neat and professional. (should of got proof)  I finished the bottom hem using my blind hem foot.  It needed to be lined but I opted to wear a slip underneath.

vito approved
Pug approved

The deets:
   Pattern:  Simplicity 2258 - won from a giveaway hosted by the adorable Sally from The Quirky Peach
   Fabric:   Woven cotton/poly I'm guessing.  Goodwill skirt cost me $1.25
   Notions: 1 1/4 inch elastic - given to me by my Hubby's sweet ol' Granny
   Alterations:  Graded down the size 14 pattern to a size 10
   Likes: Simple and easy. Made in a few hours
   Dislikes: shaking my head no
   Wear/Make again: I'm going to try the shorts next for some comfy lounge attire
   Time to make: 3 hours
   Total cost:$1.25  WOWZA!

side shot
I believe I'm picking Pug hair from my shirt. oh oh and it even has pockets!
back shot
I really like the exposed zipper on my top. (Top from JcPenney)

up close
Excuse the wrinkles...I sit on my butt all day
I think this is one of my favorite remakes so far.  I was able to take this outdated frumpy skirt and make it young, hip and fresh again.  (well I hope it looks hip and fresh anyway..) 


Hope ya'll are having a good week so far. You working on any special projects?...Tofino jammie pants or a Bombshell perhaps? Or maybe THIS sexy little number...that's ok too, I don't judge.

Peace out ~ xoxo

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  1. Cute skirt

  2. I love the new look. The peplum is so stylish. I know what you mean about 'stinky' as some shops seem to reek of mothballs (camphor). I always wash second hand things before i do anything else. Well done.

  3. Love it! I've never been inspired by thrifted garments, but I love what you're doing with it! Hope to see more of Thriftin' Thursday.

  4. Love this. It's a gorgeous fabric and you've made it really wearable! And $1.25 for a skirt you love isn't a bad deal at all! :)

  5. Ooh, what a fun print! Good eye! This is so wearable and cute now! Vito is so perfectly posed-- what a sweetpea! I'm working on the Deer & Doe Reglisse dress right now (really slowly, like 15 minutes a day).

  6. Love that print!! I love the thrft store! I have a pile of thrifty goodness waiting to be turned into something awesome. I just need to find or make tops that match my vision!

  7. hahahaha, i'm still laughing at the image you linked to for "this sexy little number." wow, that's tragic.

    love your revamped skirt!

  8. What a change! The print is fabulous and looks wonderful with your black peplum. I keep meaning to refashion a couple of items that I have so this is good inspiration!

  9. Alessa FarbenfreudeJune 26, 2013 at 4:30 AM

    It's a lovely re-make! The print is really cute!
    I also recently snagged a bunch of skirts from my local thrift shop. I need to get down to refashioning them!

  10. Ooh well done! I have a personal distaste for elastic. Mainly because it always wears out and goes all floppy after a while. YUCK! I want to make clothes that last ya know? (Maybe good quality elastic doesn't do this?) Anyway, way to rescue this skirt and make it awesome!

  11. Yes I'm iffy on the whole elastic subject. We'll see how long the elastic lasts in this waist because it was given to me and the packaging looked ancient!

  12. Thank you! Don't you just love breathing new life into something old!? It's so fun!

  13. This was a super easy pattern! Thank you!

  14. If I ever go to a Halloween party that "sexy little number" is so going to be incorporated into my costume somehow. I could just go as the "Tortured Vogue Model" but I have a feeling no one would get it. lol

  15. I know isn't is great. I don't know what these pattern companies think sometimes!

  16. Thank you! The thrift store can be a wonderful place!

  17. Thank you! Sometimes I find refashioning easier for me than sewing from scratch. But yes thrift shopping can be overwhelming trying to find that diamond in the rough.