Tutorial: Owl you need is a sewing buddy...

Sunday, July 28, 2013

My biggest sewing pet peeve...misplacing my seam ripper(s).  I spend more time looking for my seam ripper than I do anything else.  I lose it, go buy another then pretty soon the lost one shows up...lose it again, buy another..you see it's a vicious cycle.  While browsing Pinterest one day I spotted the cutest owl remote control caddy.  This inspired me to make my own "Owl You Need" sewing buddy for the Dear Stella/Kollabora project challenge.


This wise old owl sits next to your sewing machine and holds all your important tools for easy access...marking tool, seam gauge, a seam ripper (or two), tiny scissors to cut those loose threads and a fluff brush and tweezers to keep your machine clean and happy.  You can even use him as a pin cushion! 

Need your own sewing buddy??  Why don't you download the pdf instructions/pattern and sew along with me in this tutorial! It's free!!


**when printing your pattern make sure in your printer options, Actual Size is checked. 
**if you have trouble downloading the pattern from Dropbox you can also
   download the pattern from Craftsy here.  You will just need to sign up for an account which is
   totally free.
**this pattern is my own and I designed this for my readers for free.. I ask that you please don't 
     distribute or sell this pattern, finished or otherwise..Thanks!  

What you will need:
Fabric - I will be using Dear Stella Design's Clementine fat quarter bundle
Fusible Fleece
Two Buttons
Any embellishments you desire..how about a bow or a button heart?


Step #1...
Cut out your pattern pieces.  *Note: Pattern Piece page 2- if you would like your owl to have a contrasting belly cut this pattern piece out for the front of your owl.  For this tutorial I will be making this version. 

Step #2...
Cut out your fabric and fleece pieces.  You will want to cut your fleece pieces about 1/4 inch smaller than your fabric pieces.  Iron your fleece to corresponding pieces.

pieces pic name

Step #3...
If your making the owl front body only one color you can skip this step.  For the contrasting owl front pin your two pieces together, belly to head, right sides together.  Stitch 1/4 inch seam.  Trim seam and iron flat.

step 3

Step #4...
Take your pocket piece and fold top edge down 1/4 inch, iron, fold over again 1/4 inch and iron.  Topstitch in place.

pocket 1

Step #5...
Place wrong side of pocket piece on right side of owl front body lining up edges and pin in place.  Find center and topstitch from top of pocket to bottom.

pocket 2

Step# 6...
Take your two eyeball pieces and place on owl front where you'd like them.  Now take your eyelid piece and cut in half.  Place on top of eyeballs and pin in place.  Zig zag stitch around eyeball and across bottom of eyelid.  Zig zagging in a circle can be tricky.  I found that stabilizing your eyeballs with a lightweight interface helps.  Also instead of pinning in place you can use the awesomeness that is Steam a Seam or fusible web to hold in place.  It doesn't have to be perfect. That's what makes your owl unique.  You can attach your eyeballs anyway you like.  See my girl owl below.  I cheated and just used Steam a Seam.
Sew your buttons in place on top of eyes.

I can see!!

Step #7...
Take two of your wingy ding pieces and pin right sides together.  Stitch 1/4 inch around edge of wing and make sure to leave end open so you can turn inside out.  Trim seam 1/4 inch including the end you left open.  Iron and turn inside out.  I used a point turner to form fingers.  Be careful that you don't poke through your seam.  I speak from experience!  Iron flat once wings are formed to perfection.  Topstitch wing to create a 3 feather look.  Repeat for second wing.


Step #8...
Place wingys on top of front owl body in correct spots lining up edges.  Place owl back piece on top with right sides facing.  (make sure your wings are arranged correctly so you don't catch bottom of your wings when you stitch around edges..hope that makes sense)  Stitch around owl 1/4 inch leaving about a 2.5 inch opening at side.  Trim seam and iron.  Flip right side out, iron.

**Note: You may also chose to attach your feet here too as well.  I actually tacked mine on to the front, which I go through in Step 10 but I later found that actually sewing them on here like you do the wings works just as well.

wing assemble

Step 7

Step #9...
Fill bottom of owl with about a cup or so of rice to give it some weight so it will sit upright and not want to fall over like a weeble wobble. (there's a group for those if your interested!) Stuff the rest of your owl with polyfill.  Stuff him good too!  Slipstitch opening closed.

almost there
Step #10...
Take your beak pieces and place right sides together.  Stitch around beak 1/4 inch leaving a small opening at side.  Trim seam and iron.  Turn inside out, iron and slipstitch opening closed.  Now stick that nose on his face!  You can either sew in place or take the lazy route like me...a little tacky glue works perfect!
Now do the exact same thing with his feet.
nose feet
Sorry forgot to take a picture of the finished nose

Step #11...
You are all finished! Now you got a little buddy to keep track of all your tiny sewing notions.  You can leave his wings floppy or you can hand sew or glue them in place.  I like to make mine look like he's hugging all my sewing gadgets.



Embellish these little dudes how you want.  I found these cute little handmade tags at Joann's.  I added a bow for the girl.  Now I can't decide which one I want to use!! They are both too cute!



Hope you all enjoyed this tutorial and make your own sewing buddy. I would love to see him/her! Email me a picture if you do!! I have a couple other Dear Stella/Kollabora projects planned that I'm hoping to get done. Head on over to Kollabora.com to take a look at the projects submitted by the other bloggers. A lot of talented craftiness going on!!

Edit:  Since releasing this free pattern I've gotten such a huge response and pictures of everyone's owls.  I created a blog post showcasing everyone's buddies.  You can see them all here.

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    /Hugs from Sweden

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  23. I was hoping you could email me the pattern? The dropbox link isn't working for me :( summers1341@yahoo.com Thank you!

  24. sure thing! It's on it's way!! Enjoy!

  25. Genevieve Crabtree HowellSeptember 8, 2013 at 12:04 PM

    Hi, I cant seem to download the pattern from your dropbox, can you email it to me? gigistreasures@gmail.com Thanks!!

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    I can't seem to get the pattern to download. Any suggestions! Thanks

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  42. I am unable to download the pattern. Please send to my e-mail. ahaak945@gmail.com
    I think the owl is so adorable.


  44. Thank you so much for this very cute pattern!

  45. Shannon... I gave away several at Christmas and almost started a family feud when I used one at a yankee gift swap with lots of crafters... I greedily use two myself...one at the sewing machine and one by my chair in the living room with my crochet hooks ablunt needles. the owl is much cuter than a cup ofhooks that I was always dumping over. <3

    You should add a link to the parade of owls..such great inspiration!

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  57. Thank you so very much for this wonderful tutorial. Your pattern was thorough and easy to follow. I so enjoyed make one for a recent swap that I've shared your link with fans on FB and Flickr. I know so many are going to love this! Thanks again ♥Lisa

    For more pics http://on.fb.me/1cuX6wR

  58. Oh my gosh your owl is adorable!! Thank you for sharing! I'm so glad you enjoyed the pattern.

  59. Love this little person! Made one (filled with sewing supplies) for my granddaughter this last Christmas and she loved it (her). First thing she did was take all the sewing supplies out and put in her pencils and pens! Then she ended up taking her to school where all her friends loved it, but one in particular wanted one. So she asked me to help her make one for her friends' birthday last month, which she did and has passed along a wonderful little friend.


  61. Unable to download the pattern, would love a copy

    1. Could you email me at shanniloves@yahoo.com and I would be happy to send you the pattern.