Completed: Sis Boom Meghan Peasant Dress and a DIY cropped jacket

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Brick-a-bracka, firecracker, Sis Boom Bah, Bugs Bunny, Bugs Bunny, Rah Rah Rah!!

Gotta love Bugs! Every time I worked on this dress I got this cheer stuck in my head. I got as far as firecracker, firecracker, sis boom bah...I couldn't remember the rest, not that I didn't have fun making up my own versions..kick em in the knees and kick em in the.... Maybe that's why I didn't make the cheerleading team in the 5th grade. After a Google search good ol' Bugs came to the resuce with a quick fix of nostalgia.  Memories came flooding back of me and my bother in our Underoos, sitting mere inches from the t.v. watching cartoons and eating cereal on a Saturday morning.  Oh the good old days...but I digress

I was unfamiliar with Sis Boom patterns until I seen the Meghan Peasant dress made up by Meg on Kollabora.  Isn't it the cutest! I thought this pattern would be a good match for my Mood Ikat knit.  What do ya think? A little busy??


A long maxi was not was in my original plan.  For some reason when cutting out the skirt panels I didn't find it odd that I was cutting 34 inch length for my 5 foot 3 inch (and some change) frame.  I was thinking it was going to hit me right below my knees. C'mon goof you hem your pants up to a 31 inch length.  After trying it on I was kinda all like, Yay! Finally got me a long maxi!  It is however quite busy and makes me look shapeless.  I posed the question, Long or Short? with pics on Instagram and Facebook and 90% of you said short.  And I promise you it will be short...come next summer.  I figured Fall is coming (soon I hope) and this would be a good transition piece for my wardrobe. Next summer I'll cut it off short and it'll be like a whole new dress.

Let's talk about the pattern.  This was a pdf and don't freak, it's 200 pages long! Buuttt you don't have to print all those pages.  The pattern tells you exactly what pages to print for what style you are going for.  I ended up with about 40 pages total.  The bodice has 3 neckline options.  You can show some cleavage or keep em' covered.  I don't have any cleavage to show so I kept it at a happy medium.  Next time I think I can get away with the lowest neckline.  There are 3 sleeve options: cap, long and bell as well as tons of diagrams showing the different sleeve and skirt lengths based upon your height.


Did you spot it?  The total goof up I did on my bodice?  Aahh I'm all cockeyed, wonky doodle doo..(I'm losing my mind).  The bodice is to be cut on the fold.  Which I did and didn't have my fabric pattern matched up correctly like I thought.  I should have cut it on a single layer of fabric to ensure I got my patten matched up.  Oh well lesson learned.  Nothing a little d.i.y. cropped denim jacket can't cover up!


I got this denim shirt at a consignment shop for $4. I just chopped it off at the waist and took in the sides an inch and a half.   Eventually I will replace the buttons with some silver ones.

No I don't have hairy feet, that's the cat crying out for some love.

The deets:
   Pattern:  Sis Boom Meghan Peasant Dress, pdf $10
   Fabric:    Ikat knit from my Mood $200 gift card win!
   Notions: 1/4" elastic from my stash
   Alterations:  nada
   Likes: Very comfy, lots of options, quick make
   Dislikes: nada
   Make again?:  yes, next time I will use a lightweight cotton.
   Time to make: a day
   Total cost: $10, paired with my refashioned denim shirt total $14


If your interested in this pattern Sis Boom is having a Back to School sale going on now. Buy two pdf patterns and get 40% off. So if you bought two patterns at $10 a piece it would only cost you $12, that's almost like getting one free! Get on it peeps!

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  1. Oh I'm glad you left it long!! I love it. And I didn't notice your "goof" up until you pointed it out... silly girl don't do that. It looks fab on you! Your jean jacket is cool too, so smart to cut it off.

  2. Never too busy, NEVER!!!!! Lol. I really love this fabric and it really screams out to be made into a maxi so you can see more of it. I have never heard of Sis Boom patterns, great name and you're right, now I'm mentally cheerleading. I did spot the pattern creeping up diagonally on your back, but could not figure out if you were just standing crooked until I read your post. Oh well, it's too pretty not to wear. And, great job on the jacket conversion!! From lumberjack to hipster in 5 easy steps!!! (I really have no idea how many steps it took nor if it was easy, but sounded good.)

  3. This is SO GREAT! I actually really like the long length, and I LOVE the denim jacket refashion - I would wear that thing every. single. day. The pattern is so fun and colorful and it will be perfect for fall! Also, the bugs bunny cartoon just made my night - I think I'm going to go watch some more :)

  4. I love the length on you! It looks awesome!

  5. Love your version- that print is great! And thanks for the shout-out!!

  6. The little part of me that was disappointed when I realised you'd changed the original pattern idea for this fabric was squashed when I saw the photo of you in the dress with jacket and belt... way cool!

  7. That looks fab! I did slightly prefer the short when you posted, but I genuinely think they both look great! Brilliant idea to wear it long, then chop it off when you fancy a change! The print is great! And I love love LOVE your denim jacket!

  8. that print is everything. EH. VERYTHING.

  9. Have to agree with that. And the jacket? GENIUS! Hope you post a tutorial about it.

  10. Love the print, and the length, the cropped jacket was genius!

  11. I say the maxi length rocks. And wow, what a transformation on the denim jacket. It's so cool now! Yet so simple! Nice one!

  12. Thanks!! Bugs was always one of my favorite cartoons!

  13. Thanks for posting your cute version so I could get inspired!

  14. Oh I know I really wanted the Miz Mozelle out of this but I would I couldn't squeeze the collar out of it. I think I like this version even better too.

  15. Thanks!! I'm gonna do some looking at thrift shops for some more of these types of shirts and I'll try and post a tutorial about it. It's super simple.

  16. I like the maxi length too--it really shows off the print of the fabric. Great match between pattern and fabric. And the cropped jacket is darling--great idea.

  17. Gorgeous! I do love a maxi dress, and I think this print goes really well with the pattern. And that denim shirt to jacket is fab.

  18. Oh my, the pattern on the Maxi is stunning! The length of the dress really shows it off and the denim jacket does a great job of breaking it up if you felt you needed to tone the pattern down at all. But personally, I LOVE it!!

  19. The dress is very cute! Great job with the denim shirt refashion. The cropped jacket pairs so well with that dress.

  20. I love the whole outfit!