The Fabricista Fabric Challenge: Week 1 ~ Recycled Challenge

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Well week one of the Fabricista Fabric Challenge went by in a blur.  This challenge was to recycle.  You all know I enjoy a good thriftstore recycle so this challenge was right up my alley.  Here are the offical rules:.

First Challenge: Recycled Challenge
You have one week to complete this challenge.

The challenge: Make a garment out of recycled materials or materials that would have otherwise been thrown away, such as scraps from your sewing room or grocery bags. You can reconstruct a garment to make it more fashion forward and utilize unconventional items to add accessories and embellishments. Be creative!

This challenge will be judged first by the Fabricistas on creativity, functionality, personality, and fit.
Then our readers will get a chance to vote for their favorite design. 


My plan was to refashion something from my heaping thriftstore pile to show off my personality and to show my creativity by accessorizing with trash.  Let's take a look at what I was working with...


The only thing this shirt has going for it is the polka dots.  To make it more fashion forward I cut a high-low hem, aka: mullet hem and cut out the shoulders.  I also altered the size by taking it in 2 inches on each side.  I replaced the boring buttons with some white rose buttons and I trimmed the shoulder cut outs with some lace trim from my stash.


high low hem

My jeans were also thrifted.  I added heart patches to give them some personality.  I love refashioning so I thought the hearts were the perfect thing for this outfit.  I simply cut out the hearts, patched them with red scrap fabric and used embroidery thread to attach. 

I wanted to do a head to toe recycle so my shoes are also recycled from an old pair of flip flops that were literally days away from meeting the trash can.  I replaced the straps with an old white cardigan that was in a donation bag on it's way to the Goodwill and some o-rings that I found in my junk stash. 


Now on to the "trashier" part of my outfit..the accessories.  My belt is made from crocheting plastic grocery bags!

belt closeup

I just started learning how to crochet again.  I use to crochet several years ago. Nothing major just easy scarves but I decided I wanted to take it up again and maybe crochet me a hat or sweater or something.  This belt is just a single chain stitch, the only stitch I ever knew so I'm hoping to eventually add to it and learn more stitches.  I've definitely got the basic stitch down pat now after making this belt.  My buckle was from my junk stash from an old belt I had that fell apart...  Yes I never throw away anything!

front 4

The other recycled accessories in this outfit are a fabric scrap necklace, fabric scrap flower ring, earrings made using the old buttons from this shirt and my favorite...a fabric scrap bracelet made out of pop tabs!


I really like how my outfit turned out. I have to be honest, about halfway through I was having major doubts. I feared Saturday evening would roll around to me frantically trying to rethink my whole strategy and come up with a whole new outfit but after trying everything on for the first time and seeing how it all tied together my doubts were quickly squashed.



This outfit totally represents my style and is something I will wear again and again.  Heck I'm even going to rock out that plastic bag belt because c'mon it's just awesome!  I'm really excited to see what everyone else came up with.  Entries should be up on the Fabric Mart blog soon so keep your eyes peeled.  We've already got a sneak peek at the next challenge and I'm really excited about it so fingers crossed I make it to the next round!

~Peace~Love~and Recycle~ 

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  1. OMG! How creative! The fabric on the shirt is so terrific! Your new shirt is so hip! So cool!! I'm uber excited to see everyone else's still. I posted mine today, too. And I saw one other contestant post hers (which was really good, too!)

  2. Shanni, what a cute, cohesive look! I love it from the exposed shoulders to the crocheted belt.

  3. Thank you! Fingers crossed I make it through to the next round because I've seen a few of the other contestants and my mind is blown!

  4. Thanks for your comment on my jacket, Shanni! (I wasn't sure if you'd realized that Discus knows me as sfshaza, but I go by Shams on my blog.) This challenge has been so much fun!

  5. Really like your total is so YOU! Glad to hear you crochet, it is becoming very popular.

  6. You are so cool! Love this Shanni! No worries for will make it to the next round for certain!

  7. Thanks! I can't wait to get good enough to crochet me a cardigan!!

  8. This is ace! Loads of creativity and bags of character. I love the blue and red combo too.

  9. Wow a whole outfit! Nicely done!

  10. HOLY MOLY! You really nailed this challenge! Super impressed with all your wonderful work - I especially love the shoulder cut out on the blouse - very cool :)

  11. Wow, that outfit is way cute, and I love that you even made a matching belt and jewellery! So creative and pretty! I love that bracelet, especially. :D Good luck with the challenge!