The 1st Annual Shanni's Owl Parade!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Thanksgiving Day is coming ahead.  So many things to look forward to...turkey, cranberry sauce,  tight pants, naps, football (if your in to that) and the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  Well I thought I would do a parade of my own to celebrate the upcoming festivities.   My parade showcases not a turkey but a bird of a different feather, the wise old owl.  This little guy is special to me because he's my faithful companion in the sewing room.  You might remember him, the "Owl You Need" Sewing Buddy.  I'm thankful for him because he's saved me a lot of heartache by no longer having to search aimlessly for my misplaced seam ripper and my thread scissors.  If you have not seen my pattern you can find it here on my tutorial post or you can now get it on Craftsy. It's a free pattern!

 I've been so ecstatic by all the response I've gotten to this pattern.  Many of you have sent me pictures of your little guy/gal and I've had a lot of fun putting this parade together showcasing our new friends.  If you've made one and would like to be in the parade please email me your picture and I'll add him/her to the post.  You will see we've got owls representing places all over the world.

Kicking off the 1st Annual Shanni's Owl Parade is Claire's creations all the way from the UK.  These guys are bright eyed and ready to get down to some sewing bizness...

This next owl's little flappers sure must be tired.  He came all the way via Willy from Belgium and sure looks like a ray of sunshine.

"Ten-Hut!!"  Monique's guy is standing in perfect formation and has everything she needs for a successful day in the sewing room.

 Anna's owl is waving hello as she makes her way through the crowd.  She came all the way from Cologne, Germany.

Representing St. Louis, MO is Tat-Who.  Don't let his looks decieve you.  His fresh ink makes him look tough but Vicki can assure us he's a big softy when he's putting in his time in the sewing room.

I smell a hint of patchouli in the air with this next group coming in. I bet Laura can't help but to hum a little California Dreamin' with these peaceful dudes next to her. Peace little dudes, peace.

Well lookie there, Laura says Penqiun's make good sewing buddies too! Oh and are so cute to boot!! 

Coming around the bend is Marleen's little helper.. 

Marleen also made one for her daughter.  He's helping her get a report card full of A's!

Mr. Gray Owl is making his way through the crowd clutching his tools tight.  Made by Cindy @ Pink Chalk Studios.

Crafting 365 Days is easy with this guy spreading the love next to you..

Looks like someone needs a nap and rightly so, he flew in from Sweden!  Made by NannaLinnea, see her project on Kollabora as well.

Last but not least Suzi from Fabric Maverick shares her sewing buddy.  He's waving goodbye to the crowd reminding us all to keep calm and get the seam ripper.

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  1. Congratulations on creating such a successful pattern. They are all so cute.

  2. Super cute- this has just become a Christmas present for my cousin... (and I will need to make myself one!) Thanks! ~Laurie

  3. Oh my goodness! How did I miss this post a couple weeks ago.... this is too adorable and I want a my own now :) It combines two of my favorite things about sewing 1) Totally useful and functional 2) Really adorable!

  4. Sew much fun to make! and sew useful I keep two, one at the sewing table and one beside my crochet chair! <3