The Fabricista Final Challenge!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Well it's finally here peeps...the final challenge of the Fabric Mart Fabricista Challenge. Here it is..  

3 Piece Outfit/Collection
 Challenge: Create 3 pieces that can be worn together as one outfit or 2 outfits that could be worn to the same event. Using the Pantone Fall Color Chart, select 2 fall colors to inspire your outfit. You will be judged on creativity, craftsmanship, use of color, and fit. 
 The First Place Winner will receive $25.00 a month for one year to spend on fabric at Fabric Mart (worth $300!) Plus! You will become a Fabricista on our blog! 
The Second Place Winner will receive a $100 Gift Certificate and a Julie's Picks Membership. 
The Third Place Winner will receive a $50 Gift Certificate and Julie's Picks Membership 

The two colors I chose to focus on were Acai and Samba.  Since I'm also on a time crunch, working 40 hours a week I chose to make a 3 piece outfit instead of the collection.  I had an idea I wanted to make a jacket (I seriously tried talking myself out of it several times) and I needed all the time I could get to focus on that since it was my first.

Choosing my two colors all happened by chance.  I would of never thought to pair red and purple together but I have to say I really love how the two look together.  I spotted these two hanging out on a beautiful floral charmeuse.  I used retro Simplicity 2154 to create the bow blouse.  I cut my usual size 10 in Simplicity and didn't need any alterations.  The back neckline has a keyhole button closure and there is a side lapped zipper.  The bow is lightly interfaced to give it some structure.

Simplicity 2154 Bow Blouse
bow blouse back closeup

I paired this top with a blackberry cotton sateen pencil skirt.  I used the pencil skirt pattern out of Gertie's New Book for Better Sewing.  I love this skirt style.  It was very easy to assemble and Gertie gives all kind of variations to it in her book.  When I was beginning to assemble my skirt front I noticed a line of discoloration running down the middle of my fabric.  Argh Joann Fabric this is the third time now!!


Noticable huh!?  I had no extra fabric to spare so I got creative.  I found a faux leather strap from an old handbag and attached that to the front covering the line.  An unexpected fun detail added to my skirt.

front pic
side pic
For my third piece I chose Burdastyle's long sleeve blazer pattern 106a.   I went back and forth between cardigan - jacket.  A plain black cardigan would be easy but I really wanted to push myself and make something I hadn't before.  Plus once I picked up this wool houndstooth at Joann Fabric it wasn't going to let me leave the store without him. 


This pattern was rated novice but I always find Burda patterns hard to understand.  I cut a 36 and the only alteration I made was narrowing the shoulders by 1 inch.   The pattern called for shoulder pads but with the weight of the wool I thought sleeve heads would suffice.  I drafted my own out of flannel using the tutorial in the Colette Anise companion I had purchased a while back.  (Yes I considered making the Anise for this challenge but I decided I didn't want to rush myself through it)

The sleeve heads help to support the sleeve as to keep it from caving in.  They also keep your seam allowances from showing on the outside of your jacket.  And with the combined weight of the wool yay for not having to use shoulder pads. I despise those things!

Vito says, "What in the wild wild world of sports is a going on here?"  Yes Vito is a Blazing Saddles fan

Reading other reviews of this jacket lead me to Jen from Grainline Studios tutorial on how to bag a jacket lining.  This is a wonderful tutorial and proves to be much easier and quicker then how the pattern suggests you attach the lining (which I kinda glazed over). It was actually the funnest part of making this jacket for me.  The entire time your thinking, "This isn't going to work." And then like magic with a little pulling and tugging your sausage roll turns into a fully lined jacket! 


I'd like to thank everyone at Fabric Mart for hosting this challenge. It has been a lot of hard work at times but very rewarding. I've learned a lot, grown a lot in my skill and have a lot more clothes to wear! I've met some very nice, talented seamstresses who were all very supportive. And I could never forget a big thank you to all of you lovelies who supported me and cheered me on along the way. 

To see the other two contestants entries and vote for your favorite please *click here*

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  1. LOVE IT! Well done, nice fitting and I love that top! I'm sure none of your work would have been ever possible without your puggie there to help all these weeks! He is adorbablesssssss! And I feel the pain with fabric from Joann... I had to use them often in the competition because they were the most convenient-- plus I could not afford to shop the one amazing independent local fabric shop every week. We all needed our Mood field trips where everything was paid for :) But that was part of the challenge I feel... working within the confines of what we had within reach.

  2. great recovery with the joann's fabric disaster. i love your outfit and you have my vote!

  3. Great job, girl! This turned out suuuuuuuper cute!

  4. Ridiculously cute!!!!! Soooo well done! This looks fabulous on you...& I totally appreciate that you discussed your pattern choices each step of the way. Your skirt save was brilliant!

  5. Oh Shanni it's gorgeous!

  6. Wow, Shannon! Your ensemble turned out so great. Love all the pieces, and all of it together!

  7. I love the two colours you picked (although that emerald green is lovely too), I wouldn't have thought of putting red and purple together either, and they're two of my favourite colours! I must remember that. Your skirt is gorgeous, what a brilliant fix on the line down the front. Your whole outfit is lovely. Lynne

  8. Beautiful Shanni!! Love the leather detail on your skirt!

  9. THIS is the cutest outfit ever. I love the colors you chose!

  10. All lovely,especially the jacket, and congrats on getting to the final, you should be so proud!

  11. I love that you added the accent stripe down the front of the skirt, especially knowing that it was to cover a fabric flaw. Very resourceful and, as it turns out, fashion forward ;) You've got my vote again, Lady! Good luck :)

  12. Hi Shannon. Cool outfit and total moment of genius to add the leather detail.

  13. This is such a classy outfit! I love everything about it

  14. Wow! This looks great! So much work in just two weeks. You must've been sewing like crazy. I've enjoyed this contest so much even with the late nights. I love seeing all the projects and reading the commentary. You've inspired me. Thank you.

  15. Wow, Shanni, that is such a gorgeous outfit! I love everything about it! Congratulations on making it to the final round!

  16. It has been a lot of fun! I'm kinda missing it already.

  17. Thanks so much for all your support!! xoxo!! You da best!

  18. Thanks! I love red and purple together now. I would of never thought to pair them together before.

  19. It was hard for me to look past that emerald green too since it's my favorite color but once I seen this printed fabric I quickly changed my mind.

  20. Awesome job! Just made that same exact pencil skirt! LOVE the pattern! Wow - three pieces, and they all look amazing! Way to go :)