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Wednesday, January 01, 2014


New Year's Eve and what better way to spend it then the obligatory post of reflection on a year gone past.  My main objective of this post is to take a look at what goals I set myself in 2013 and to not set any (more) for next year. 

1. Sewing for 15 minutes a day --  I'm unable to confirm that I sewed all 365 days for at least 15 minutes.  I can say though I have made more of an effort to try and take little parts out of the day to do something sewing related, whether it's prewashing fabric, cutting/tracing out a pattern, or finishing a hem.  It's a good way to get things accomplished, maybe a little more slowly but without the possibility of burnout.

2. Me Made May --  The one goal I can say without hesitation I accomplished.  I wore one handmade or refashioned garment at least twice a week for the entire month of May.  I was super excited to be able to participate this year and am looking forward to it doing it again in 2014.

3. Stash busting, Making at least 3 garments out of my fabric stash before I'm allowed to by new --bahaha I think we can all say in unison, FAIL

4. Scrap busting -- GOAL OBTAINED!  I posted a free garbage bag full of scraps on Craigslist.  It only took a couple of days to get a hit.  The taker was a quilter. Made her day.

5. Must make more blouses -- Well I did, but I made a lot that I don't even wear...depressing.

Wait there's one Sewlution...

 January 2, 2013 at 10:09 pm 
I really want to push myself and sew one item a week, whether it be clothing, accessories, or refashions. I tend to get a little lazy. Last September I made myself a monthly goal to sew one item a week. It really kept me motivated and I did accomplish it. We’ll see if I can stick it out a whole year! 

 Did anyone else throw a sewlution into the jar created by Karen of Did You Make That?  It was really a genius idea and one I just had to be a part of so I opened my mouth and the above fell out.  So I didn't manage to sew one thing a week but let's see if I can find a loophole, did I manage to make 52 things?

  You can find all of these projects along with the blog link on the My Makes page.  Starting with my most current make...
 1. Plaid Grainline Archer
 2. Simplicity 2154 Bow Blouse -Fabricista Final Challenge
 3. Gertie's Bow Blouse - Fabricista Final Challenge
 4. Burda 106A Houndstooth Blazer - Fabricista Final Challenge
 5. Simplicity 2250 Dress- Fabricista Challenge
 6. Jumpsuit Mashup - Fabricista Challenge
 7. Vintage McCall's 2282 Dress- Fabricista Challenge
 8. Lekala Patterns Little Black dress - Fabricista Challenge
 9. White Grainline Archer - Fabricista Challenge
10. Burda 104 Skinny Trousers - Fabricista Challenge
11. New Look 6194 Vest - Fabricista Challenge
12. Little Birdie Dress Mashup - Fabricista Challenge
13. Refashioned Jeans - Fabricista Challenge
14. Refashioned Blouse - Fabricista Challenge
15. Garbage Bag Crochet Belt - Fabricista Challenge
16. Recycled jewelry - Fabricista Challenge
17. Christine Haynes Emery Dress
18. Sis Boom Meghan Peasant Dress
19. Refashioned Crop Jacket
20. Refashioned Kelly skirt
21. Colette Sorbetto - Kollabora Challenge
22. Bucket Hat - Kollabora Challenge
23. Fabric Hair Accessories - Kollabora Challenge
24. Owl You Need Sewing Buddy - Kollabora Challenge
25. Pinterest Dress
26. Bombshell Swimsuit
27. Grainline Scout Tee
28. Geometric Grainline Scout Tee
29. Simplicity 1717 Skirt
30. Pavlova Wrap Top
31. Simplicity 2258 Skirt
32. Vintage Simplicity 8722 - Mad Men Challenge
33. Simplicity 1696 Redhot Pants
34. Summer Knit Cardi
35. Retro Simplicity 4044 Trousers
36. Retro Simplicity 1692 Blouse
37. Retro Butterick 5209 Dress
38. Sewaholic Renfrew
39. Refashioned Blouse
40. Refashioned Sleeveless Sewaholic Renfrew
41. Refashioned Tunic
42. Gertie's Portrait Blouse
43. Colette Beignet

44. Two Couch pillow covers
45. Two Pillow shams
46. Dixie DIY Hot Cocoa Sweater - (Fail)
47. Baby Burpee rags
48. Presidio Purse (blog post coming soon)
49. McCall's 6173 leggings 

Oh my gosh I was so close to 52!!  Let's represent these all in a pie chart cuz I'm a nerd like that and I been on vacation and kind of missing it at work...

Whoa I've made a lot in 2013.  Based on this chart I can see I did make a lot more tops like I wanted.  To be completely honest though about 20% of this chart only gets worn on a regular basis.  I vow no more of that crap in 2014.

EDIT:  Totally forgot about the 15 dove Christmas ornaments I sewed and stuffed for gifts. I totally made 52 items!

I've had several highlights this year and though I'm super proud of them I don't want to turn this into a totally self indulgent post.  If you read along regularly I don't need to tell you.  

My only resolution or goal for 2014 is no RTW.  Anything I need will be handmade with the exception of shoes and underwear.  

What are your resolutions, sewing or otherwise?

No, this is not Vito, but a random Internet pug... ssshh don't tell Vito

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  1. 49 items amazing! I want to keep enjoying my sewing but I seem to lend more time planning than I do making, so I just want to get on with it!

  2. Wow...that is a lot of items you made! Looking forward to being on the RTW fast with you ;) Will be great to have another one of my favorite bloggers joining ;) I will need the inspiration since I will be making all my clothes.

  3. Hahah god I love that first photo. Hilarious. I really love your pie chart diagram except mine would be "Stuff I really love and actually wear - 0%" lol. Obviously I'm changing that this year!

  4. That Craigs list idea is genius! I need to do that!

    I've enjoyed lurking all your makes this year :)

  5. Freecycle is magic for making fabric scraps magically disappear. I don't think I've gone longer than a day or so without a hit any time I've posted scraps on there.

  6. I'll have to remember Freecycle too!

  7. I have to give Lauren credit for the Craigslist idea!! But we all know she is genius!

  8. I definitely want to wear more of what I make too. I mean what's the point if we're not wearing it!!

  9. I def know I'm gonna need someone to keep me on track and away from the temptation of the mall!!

  10. I"m seem to let planning get in the way too at times, then I'm rushed through the actual sewing wanting to get it done asap!

  11. happy new year my love so much great stuff! xxx

  12. Wow, you made so many things! What a great year! I'm excited to see what you get up to in 2014!