Sunday, January 26, 2014

It seems the sewing resolutions/goals have remained pretty consistent between sewing bloggers this year, sewing the perfect wardrobe.  Since this year I decided to make my personal goal to buy no ready to wear clothing, I thought what a perfect opportunity to take inventory on my own closet.  I've come to realize about 80% of what I make doesn't even get worn.  There are a lot of reasons of why this is...poor fit, crap fabric, I like the idea of it but it doesn't fit my daily style.  I've made several dresses that I love to pieces but in reality I'm never going to have anywhere to wear them.  I have a hard time defining my style as it seems to be all over the place.  I don't necessarily find that to be a bad thing but it can become a bit overwhelming when you want to try and sew it all.  Luckily for me there are a couple of talented sewing bloggers out there who have started up a new series of posts to help define our style and get us inspired to sew it up and in the end have the perfect wardrobe...  

The Wardrobe Architect
 Sarai has come up with an exciting new series called Wardrobe Architect.  Through discussion and creative exercises she will help lead us in the right direction when it comes to defining our own personal styles and building a wardrobe around that by sewing more and buying less.  I'm really psyched to follow along to see what I can learn about my style as I sometimes have trouble defining mine, (like I said before).   A couple of exercises have already been assigned to get us thinking as how to make style more personal to us and how to define our core style. Head over here to check those out.

One of my favorite bloggers, Jennifer from Jennifer Lauren Vintage has really gotten me excited about my whole NO ready to wear journey with her new series of building and wearing a handmade wardrobe posts.  Her first post on the subject discussed why we don't wear what we make.  You can read all about it here.  Go read it now and come back and tell me does it ring true for you too?  I've realized throughout my whole 3 years of sewing I've never really put into thought my "everyday uniform" and found those TNT (tried n true) patterns that reflect this. 

So after being totally inspired by these two lovely ladies I've decided to set myself some goals to help me achieve the perfect wardrobe this year.

Part One:  Defining my style , my everyday uniform that I will break up into two categories, Work & Play.  I work in a professional atmosphere so it's important for me to keep that attire separate from my play attire.  I have trouble defining into words what my style is so I've created two Pinterest boards for me to pin pretty pictures too of what I want my style to reflect.  If you like pretty pictures feel free to follow along here and here.

Part Two:  Finding TNT patterns that reflect Part One.  Tried and true patterns are those that can be pretty basic but you've mastered the tough part, fit.  They can easily be made up in many different colors and fabrics so not one looks like the other.  They can become the perfect staple piece in your closet that can be mixed and matched into many different outfits.  For my TNT patterns I will be focusing on finding a pattern for each of my categories work and play.  This pattern must do double duty as in I will be able to make something work appropriate yet I can use the same pattern to make something for everyday play.  For example the Lady Skater dress.  A pretty basic knit dress that can be played up with pretty fabrics and paired with a cardigan and heels for the office or play it down with a jean jacket and some Chuck's for play.   The pieces I'd like to find TNT patterns for are:

Basic Woven Blouse
Basic Knit (currently working on the Renfrew)
Basic Tank

Shorts -obviously I can't wear shorts to work...or can I???

Basic Knit
Wrap Dress

I will do a follow up post on this as I develop my list a little further with patterns and fabrics.  If any of you have found a TNT pattern please tell me what it is and what you love about it.

Looks like I got my work cut out for me.  So how about you?  Are you pretty happy with your wardrobe or will you be doing a major overhaul this year?     

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  1. It's an interesting topic trying to define your style. I thought I was on a journey to sew my own clothes but halfway through got to this same point where turning fabric into stuff that I could wear in public just didn't cut it any more. There seems to be a hand in hand journey between sewing, style and identity - so much to think about!

    My TNT pattern for dates are Simplicity 2444 and Cambie because I love full skirted dresses.
    My TNT skirt patterns are Simplicity 2451 and Hollyburn. The Simplicity pattern I've made at least 3 times - both for work and play - it's fabulous and it fits well!
    My TNT top pattern is Alma and while I've only made one so far (I swear it's still a TNT!) I have so many more versions in my head. Especially because you can do cute little cap sleeves or long sleeves with a button placket.
    My TNT basic knit is a Burdastyle pattern which is basically a Renfrew but I've just discovered Deer and Doe's Plaintain and it will change your world - also the Sammy Cami is on my to do list to get some basic handmade tops - and both these patterns are free!

    All the best in your search for your perfect patterns!

  2. I've only just started on dressmaking, so I'm still experimenting with a wide range of patterns. however, I am attempting to ensure that everything I sew will be something that gets worn and fits in what i see as my personal style; feminine and vintage.
    i do agree with Scared Stitchless though, that Simplicity 2444 is an absolute staple. I have two finished and two on the go with another one being dreamed up and another fabric that will probably end up using part of the pattern. It is just so versatile, and in the versions I have made so far there is something a bit different in all of them.

  3. I'm also working along with the wardrobe architect posts... but a little behind. I'm looking forward to following your journey to TNT-dom!

  4. I don't wear skirts or dresses to work. My trouser TNT is Simplicity 2700. Seems to be a love it or hate it pattern, YMMY.

    McCalls 6844 also a TNT and can be for work or play with fabric choice and peplum/ no peplum (I wouldn't wear a peplum to work)

    McCalls 6519 top is my TNT for woven 1 yard wonders; Kristen Kimono tee for 1 yard knits :)

    Have fun!! Definitely important to get to the bottom of why you aren't wearing your garments!! That's no fun :(

  5. New Look 6097 is a fantastic knit wrap dress pattern. It's the first wrap dress I've ever sewn, and I'll never buy another pattern for it. I'm also following along with the Wardrobe Architect series and love it!

  6. Hmmm... I think we all make lovely clothes that get put in the back of our closets for many reasons. I know that I have a few! That being said, I still love to experiment and play with my style. Not always practical but that's ok. Heaven's knows I SHOULD be a bit more practical!