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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Hello there! Yahoo, the end of the week is finally here and I believe it's the perfect time for you to all break out in a happy dance...I'll wait.....just a couple of things I wanted to share with you..

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First off I was super excited to be asked by Erin of Seamstress Erin to participate in her series "Sewing & Style".  If you'd like to read more about how I relate to the two and how I deal with my "all over the place" style take a look here.  Thanks again Erin for asking me to take part!


In staying true to my "all over the place" style I made something a little different to what I usually wear.  A funky sweater with some bad ass pleather accents. yeah!  I've been wanting to work more with knits and because of this crazy cold weather my side of the United States I picked a chunky wool sweater knit to work with.  If you've ever thought about sewing with sweater knits check out my post all about it on the Fabric Mart blog.   There is really not anything to be scared of and I've included links to some great resources to help you along.

My TNT pattern challenge has started and I'm ready to start on muslin #4 of the Sewaholic Renfrew.  Fingers crossed that this is it!  I've think I've about got my list of potential TNT patterns all hashed out and ready to share with you all early next week.

What are you all working on? Have any of you ever sewn a sweater? Oh yeah and I'm so jealous of all you knitters out there knitting up your beautiful sweaters!  Can I get a knitted sweater please? :)

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  1. Love your sweater! Who needs to knit one when you can sew one!!!??? (Can you tell that I have yet to finish one? I have had a sweater in the works for years now...... oh well...someday..)

  2. Love it! I've been meaning to make one with a similar concept for the man, but haven't been able to find a suitable material. Love the combo!

  3. Ooh fancy pleather! I so want to play with funky shoulder insets! Your top is fab and I'm intrigued to hear about your renfrew muslin progress! I have made loads and have refined the fit as I've gone but it could still use work. And when you get the fit how you like it you can play with mods (shameless plug for my renfrew mod list page: lol :) I'm sewing a really tricky fabric right now which is making me long for the world of knits!

  4. Oh I was stalking all your Renfrew mods the other day! You would think with such a simple top fitting would be fairly easy. Nope not in my world. Oh well! Once I get the fit down I can't wait to try out a cardigan mod!!

  5. I do love to hear about fitting and I'm relieved when I hear about other people having to do some experimentation to get the fit right too! :) cardigan mod sounds great, I'll keep knitting mine though. So addictive!

  6. Wow, this sweater looks badass! I love it on you, dude!

  7. Pleather, woot woot! This is a great looking sweater. I've not sewn with sweater knits before. I actually just purchased my first sweater knit last week! It was at my local thrift shoppe and in such beautiful colours. But, I really have been having problems with knit fabrics in general (I just sewed and blogged my gunmetal and had issues yet again with my choice of knit fabrics) so I'm not sure I will sew up the sweater knit anytime soon.