My TNT pattern challenge: TOPS

Saturday, February 01, 2014

I think I have gotten most of my patterns picked out for my TNT pattern challenge.  Today let's talk tops.  For those of you just tuning in my goal here is to find a TNT (tried n true) pattern for each of my chosen categories that is adaptable for work and play attire. Obviously the purpose here is to get the fit down to almost perfection so this pattern becomes a quick, no fuss make for me. 

What I hope to learn here..
1. Patience when it comes to fitting.
2. Basics pieces can be fun and versatile.
3. Patience when it comes to fitting.
4. Solids can be your friend too.
5. Patience when it comes to fitting.

Ha I have no patience when it comes to fitting. I know we all struggle with it, some more than others. If you have any recommendations of fitting resources that have helped you please comment below!
I got some great recommendations from you when it came to your favorite TNT pattern.  Some of those recommendations I already had in my stash!  Without further ado here's my TNT challenge list for tops.

Please note this list is subject to change either because I got frustrated with fit of the pattern and gave up or because I'm flighty like that and something more sparkly caught my eye.



BASIC KNIT TOP: Sewaholic Renfrew

Picture Sources: Pinterest &
I really like this pattern as I feel it fits my style perfectly.  Not too fussy but can be easily modified for a more dressier look.  Check out Jo's Renfrew mod list.  Boatneck, bolero, cardigan, dress..the possibilities are endless.  Maybe I can get a bow blouse Renfrew added to the list ;)  Oh and expect a  copycat of Ping's complete outfit. Love it.
Backup pattern: Deer & Doe's Plantain, I heard it was a life changer and it's free!!

BASIC WOVEN TOP: Grainline Woven Scout Tee

Scout Tee
Picture sources: Pinterest
A pretty basic woven top that has loads of possibility.  I've made this a couple of times already.  The fit needs some minor tweaking and then it will be fuss free for whipping up in solid colors that I need.  Solids seem so snooze worthy to me but I'm trying to get past that!
Backup pattern: Gertie's Portrait Blouse 

BASIC TANK TOP: Maria Denmark's Just a Tank Top

just a tank
Picture sources: Pinterest
Because I wear a ton of tank tops as layering pieces, I thought this would be a no brainer.  I currently own this pattern and have not made it.  How cute is that crochet neckline!? And this could easily be turned into a dress and worn with a cardigan for work. Another mod-worthy pattern.
Backup pattern: Sammy Cami , it's free!

Well my brain hurts.  I hope I've given you some ideas if your currently stocking your wardrobe with basics.  I better get ta crack-a-lackin' on these, (expect to see a Renfrew soon).  Next week I'll post some ideas for dresses.  


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  1. I'm on muslin #4 with the Renfrew! I hope this is it.

  2. Good luck! I'm not a patient fitter, either. I'm kind of of the "eh, good enough" school of thought, but I should be more careful about it. I'm excited to see what your favorite makes are from these patterns!

  3. Yessss! Back to basics, but there is so much you can do with basics. I have made Gertie's Portrait blouse and can highly recommend it. And, I have the other two of your 'back-up' patterns printed out, but have not sewn them. I know what you mean about fitting. I want it to fit correctly and well, but I also just want to plan an attractive garment and sew it up!!

  4. Love the "work" and "play" categories - that's exactly how I'm trying to think this year!

  5. Great patterns! Are you also going to have a button down style blouse, or not?

  6. Great post! I need more basics. You've given me some ideas. Peggy Sagers is my fitting guru.She has free webcasts (a good one is "Fitting Yourself by Yourself") on her website, At, she has a series of fitting DVDs from her PBS program. They are helpful to me.


  7. You know I was thinking about that as I was putting this post together. A good one for me to add for that is Grainline Archer. I've already made it twice and it's a great pattern for dressing up or down. Once I get these three patterns tackled I may look into a button down.

  8. The Archer certainly seems like a good pattern, and would be a really good staple. Personally I'm starting to lean much further towards blouses than any other type of top

  9. I haven't made the last top, but I give the first two two thumbs up! :)

  10. I've just made the Plantain, it's lovely easy and best of all it's free. I'm just going to draft a cowl neck for it and then I am super happy with all I need for a basic knit top.
    I have made 4 Scout tees so far and this is a great staple.
    For a tank I have been using the Wiksten tank, it is a great shape and has a lovely neckline :) Although not for knits I have used it anyway and just sized down. I also think the Plantain would easily convert to a tank.

  11. This is exactly what I need to do. I need tops so badly, and while I could just go buy cheap tshirts, it makes more sense to develop well fitting patterns and make the same thing in many different fabrics. :) Thanks for the inspiration!