A Hypnotizing Tee....

Monday, March 31, 2014

Look deeeep, deep into my shirt....Doesn't the fabric remind you of one of those black and white hypnotizing spinning wheel thingamajigs??  I think I actually hypnotized my husband into taking me out to dinner.  I shall wear this shirt more often!


Maria Denmark Olivia Oversize Tee 
All the ingredients of a basic tee shirt but better. An oversized, relaxed tee that is super easy to fit and even easier to sew.  Kimono style sleeves so there are no pesky sleeves to set!  Short and long sleeve options.
  Pattern: PDF printout available here or here for $10.95
  Fabric:   Lightweight knits with a good drape. I used a hypnotizing cream/
                black striped lightweight ponte knit found here at Fabric Mart. 
  Needle:  Ballpoint

  Pattern Assembly:  There are 15 pages to assemble resulting in the front
  and back pattern pieces.  You will need to add a 3/8 seam allowance to the
  pattern before cutting.  Separate measurements are given for the neckline, 
  sleeve and hem ribbing, which is really nice because that means less paper to

  Fitting:  I cut an XS.  For a muslin I used a knit labeled "juvenile" from the
  clearance bin at Joann's.  I guess the tiny blue and green dinosaurs wasn't 
  clue enough that this was a kiddy print.  This isn't the first juvenile knit I've 
  purchased.  They are super soft and make the perfect sleep shirts.  I did 
  have a little bagginess in the upper back so I shortened it by 1 inch.  

  Construction:  There's not much to say about the construction here.  I mean
  it's super easy!  I made the entire shirt on my serger.  I think I could assemble
  this shirt in my sleep.  The instructions and illustrations were very clear.  This
  tee is the perfect project for those of you who've been leery of sewing with 
  knits.  There is NOTHING to be scared of. Trust me.   

  Regrets:  I really wish I would of paid attention when cutting out the back 
  piece and cut it the same direction as the front...ooopsie.  One thing I will 
  change for next time is to align the bottom hem seam with the side seam of
  the shirt.  


  A TNT?? Most def! I've already made up another in a open knitted sweater
  knit.. to be blogged later.


This shirt was very hard to photograph. I'm seeing that my up close photos took better than the ones farther away.  Seems the farther away you get from this shirt the more the lines blur together and could cause a person to go cross eyed.  Maybe I shouldn't wear this shirt out in traffic...


My pants in case your wondering are Simplicity 1696 blogged here.  A complete me made outfit..hell yeah!

I did a little clothing spring cleaning tonight.  My spring wardrobe has left me feeling rather blah.  I'm not even looking forward to dressing myself tomorrow.  I debated just lighting a match and starting all over but thought my coworkers might appreciate pants.  I think a 3 garbage bag purge of uninspiring duds was just the motivation I needed to start sewing for Spring.    Here's a crappy iphone pic of what I've been planning and scheming.


Do you purge your closets every season?  How does it leave you feeling?  

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  1. Cute top! Those darn stripes are tough to image. Love the red pants too. Thinki need to sew that pattern!!

    I don't purge but I need to. I have far too much that I'm holding on to

  2. Great top!! It looks like it'll be a steady choice and something very easy to wear with all sorts. I've made three Olivia tees now ( not blogged properly yet) and it's a fantastic pattern, I agree. I think it took me less than an hour to sew my last one using my overlocker. And they are great to wear aren't they?

  3. What a perfect top ~ once those stripes stopped dancing around on my screen! ... J

  4. I can't wait to purge my wardrobe - because as you so wisely said, it leaves more room for me made things! It's on my list to do this weekend.

  5. I really don't have much of a wardrobe, actually. My outfits are mostly sports pants and tees or sweaters, for staying at home. Now that I've started working outside, I feel the urge of sewing basics that I can mix and match. I've started with a Grainline Moss skirt (unblogged yet, pics to be taken), and it has filled a huge gap :) Hurray for selfish sewing! xx

  6. This is really, really cute! I know what you mean about the stripes, though- I have one that makes me feel all weird and spinny every time I put it on! LOVE those pants... they are SO GOOD.

  7. Yes - I most definitely purge my closet. ~1/year and it's definitely worth it. If I haven't worn, or even reached to wear, something for the past year, it's out. Unless it's a special one of a kind sort of thing...or handmade...then different rules apply
    I need to make this top! It looks so comfy!

  8. Awww I love your fabric, I thought it was pale gold and black until I read it was cream!!

  9. Oh my you should see my t shirt drawer just because I have a special rule for those. Over flowing with tees that I refuse to get rid of...concert tees, tees from high school.. I even have plain old white tshirts that my brother wore when he was in the Marines...sentimental much!?

  10. Thanks! I think if I wear this to work I will wear a jacket over it so no one gets sick! lol

  11. I too need more basics in my wardrobe!

  12. I do enjoy it too! It motivates me to get sewing!

  13. Oh yes I love them! I have many more I want to make

  14. Thanks! Oh trust me I had a lot more that I could of gotten rid of if I just wasn't so sentimental about my clothes...

  15. Thanks a lot Shanni, now I want another t-shirt pattern because you made it look so cute! ;)

  16. Well done, Shannon. I love your hypnotic 'T'. ;-)

  17. WOAH!! It totally does, I am hypnotized by the stripes and I'm loving it! Great shirt, I like anything graphic and black and white will never, ever go out of style. Ever.