AHOY Spring....!?!?

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Mother Nature has been an evil hag this year.  Monday Vito and I were like giddy school kids frolicking outside in the near 70 degree temps.  Today it's back to heavy coats and sweaters as the temps made a drastic turn to 30 degrees AGAIN. Such an evil tease you are MN.  I'm thankful for Monday though as I was able to get outside to photograph three finished projects.

I know you've probably already read over and over by the many other bloggers out there how awesome the Deer & Doe Plantain is but please just allow me to reiterate that already known fact.


The Plantain is a FREE downloadable pdf.  I taped up the 17 page pattern, made my fit alterations, cut my fabric and had a shirt sewn up in like 2.5 hours.  That's pretty awesome people...for me anyway.  My fabric was this blue and gray striped cotton knit from Fabric Mart.  It's the type of knit that is perfect for those oversized cozy long sleeve tees that carry you through the transitioning weather. The perfect weight that feels like "butta" against your skin.   Maybe I'm saying too much but I literally wore this all day, took it off that night, tossed it in a wad in the corner and woke up the next day deciding I wanted to wear it again...NO wrinkles.


Through my muslin, that I turned into a night shirt, I was able to determine that in addition to my normal upper back adjustments I've become accustomed to making I also needed a sway back adjustment.  I followed this tutorial by Kitschy Coo.  I also raised the neckline 1/2 inch and shortened the sleeves just a smidge as I do prefer them pretty long.


I really took my time cutting my fabric to ensure my stripes would match up.  My sides look perfection but I've not quite conquered matching up the sleeves to the armholes.  Anyone have any tips or tricks on this?

MY FAVES:  Those elbow patches!! I used a light weight sweater knit for mine that I got from the remnants bin at Joann's.  They are attached with a zig zag stitch which proved to be quite tricky.  My patches wanted to move on me when sewing so I finally smartened up and used fusible web to hold them in place.  I'm also loving the fit of this tee.. close fitting up top and flares out at the bottom.  I CAN eat that last brownie after all!  But best of all, I have a new TNT pattern to add to my stash!


MN has it out for me I'm telling ya!  I fought the wind during the entire photo shoot.  Payback for all that trash talking I've been doing about her.  Maybe hag was a little harsh?.?.  I also had about a hundred birds circling overhead.  They made no bones about using my car as target practice so I was nervously looking up the whole time anticipating being shit on.

pew pew
Pew, Pew, Pew
(I couldn't harm a fly..SERIOUSLY)

TIPS:  Steam a seam comes in really handy when finishing your hems especially if your using a finiky lighter weight knit.  I used 1/2 inch wide webbing.  I first finished my hem using my serger (which is totally optional on knits since not all fray) ironed on my steam a seam to the bottom hem, folded the hem up using the width of the webbing as a guide for my hem width, gave it another quick press and stitched in place.  This eliminates the need for pinning and also helps to prevent ripples.


Dear Mother Nature,
  I'm sorry for the hateful things I've said about you but despite what you think things just aren't working out between Winter and I.  Please send Spring asap.  We've got a hot date to arrange.   
                                Yours Truly,
                                        Cousin Itt

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  1. cute top! I love how the collar has a ring of black around it too--great pattern placement. The steam a seam sounds brilliant! Thanks for sharing Shanni :)

  2. I almost skipped the entire post because I was thinking, "she's in MN?!?! I didn't know that! Yayyyyy!!!!" Then I was like, it was a beautiful 50 but not 70". Then I thought, "ohhhhh. MN = Mother Nature" hahaha!

    Cute top! I am crazy for stripes and plaids lately. Now *I* want a striped one!

  3. Love it. Mother Nature is being crazy over here too, sunny weather than the chilliest winds

  4. This is super cute- loving the stripe matches!

  5. Great tshirt, I'm a sucker for stripes and elbow patches are very cool

  6. Looks great on you, casual but fits nicely thanks to your alterations.

    I've used the notches on sleeve pattern and arm holes to match up stripes before. It worked ok. Depending on the curve of the arm hole and the width of the stripes, it might be completely impossible to line 'em up anyway so it's just not worth worrying about too much!

  7. This looks great on you! It's one of my favorite versions of this pattern! So cute! It's so f-ing cold here today that I'm cursing the skies and mumbling threats about moving to Palm Springs, ha!

  8. I love those elbow patches! Great top! And I hope warm spring weather hits you soon and stays a while!

  9. I'm liking this a lot, so flattering and practical. I'm so over Winter too. Had to sweep 30+cm of snow from our steps in Montreal this morning, completely not ok when we're half way through March!

  10. Hag is the right word! She sent us thick fog in the UK today. Crazy. Can't we just have some nice Sping days with bright blue skies and slightly crisp weather that isn't cold but isn't baking hot?

  11. I don't think that's too much to ask!

  12. My brother lives in Orlando....ROAD TRIP!!

  13. ha! I wondered if I'd confuse anyone with my lazy typing!

  14. The patches are my favorite thing about this pattern!

  15. Agreed! I figured RTW doesn't match half the time so why worry so much about it.

  16. Awe man! It's been spitting snow off and on here today. Really windy too!