Annoucement: Pattern Pyramid Winner!

Monday, March 03, 2014


Yo Yo peeps time to announce the Pattern Pyramid Winner!! 
Are you as excited as I am?????

 Let's keep the suspense mounting for a bit shall we? ~insert evil laugh~ (well unless you decide to out smart my smart ass and skip past my random chatter to the bottom of this post ;))  I had 34 entries for this bundle of patterns.  I asked you all to tell me what your dream vacation would be.  What I meant by "dream" is if you had won the lottery and had unlimited resources and could go anywhere your little heart desires, where would you go?  I thoroughly enjoyed reading your answers and I got quite the geography lesson.  I discovered some places I'd never heard of before.   Let's take a trip around the world...

The most dreamed about Continent: Europe
You all touched a lot of places in Europe... Italy, France, Croatia, Greece, England, Russia (I've
learned Russia is on both the European and Asian continents!!), I've had a dream of backpacking through Europe ever since I seen the True Life episode on MTV, "I'm Backpacking Through  Europe"  That dream started waaay before I started sewing.  Now backpacking is out of  the picture as I would need extra suitcases to pack home my fabric purchases.  One of my favorite answers was from Debbie:

  Oh how fun would that be!!!

Coming in close second most dreamed about Continents: Asia & North America 
While North America would be the most attainable for the garment district in
NYC, hitting the slots in Vegas, laying on the beach in Hawaii and stuffing my face with donuts from Voodoo's in Portland, I can't help but daydream about traveling all the way to Asia after you all mentioned places like..Japan-always been in love with their architecture, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand (although let's hope the trip doesn't end like one of my favorite movies Brokedown Palace) and Vietnam.

Coming in third place most dreamed about Continents: Africa & South America
I start humming the song Africa by Toto every time I think about Africa.  The most interesting places mentioned out of Africa was Casablanca, largest city of Morroco (thank you wikipedia! call me dumb but I only thought Casablanca was a movie, obviously one I'd never seen) and there's Madagascar which always brings to mind the Disney movie.  And if you haven't seen it you need to, cute and hilarious.

Other mentions:
 I feel like I've been living in Antarctica with this never ending winter and would gladly trade it for a beach in the Caribbean.  Or even better a Bjork concert in Ireland (as long as it's summer time).  And wowza all of New Zealand looks beautiful from this list of top 10 attractions.  But I can not forget to mention Austrailia, the land down under, which makes me hum the song by Men at Work and wonder what a Vegemite sandwich tastes like.

Oh gosh hope I didn't bore you all with my daydream there, or lose you in my sea of hyperlinks... let's annouce the winner!!

I assigned you all a number starting in order of first comment (I also had one commenter on my flickr photo who was also included) and via random number generator lucky number 8 is the winner of the pattern pyramid

Congrats Beth!  Beth blogs over at 110 Creations so go check out her blog and be sure to follow if you'd like another chance at the pyramid!!  Beth if you could email me your address that would be great! I'll mail out your package as soon as I can make it to the post office.(thank you ice storm-NOT)

Thank you to everyone who entered!!  I'll be back hopefully later this week after my sewing mojo decides to show back up and make an appearance.  I've got some duds to show you!


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  1. Fun!! Congrats Beth!

    Count me in the dream vacay to Italy!!

  2. Congrats Beth! At least, you can start sewing your wardrobe for your Paris trip.

  3. Oh, happy to send you some Vegemite if you really want to knock that off your bucket list! Just email me...

  4. We are a divided household, and for me, it's Marmite all the way. If Chacha sends you vegemite, I'll send you some marmite. But careful, you need hot toast with lots of melted butter and just a scraping of spread. YUMMO!

  5. We are actually a Marmite family too! Mind you, even Marmite tastes different around the world….my preference is for New Zealand made Sanitarium Marmite. The British stuff is WAY to salty!