Papercut Rigel Bomber

Monday, April 28, 2014

Name that tune.  I had no clue what rigel meant so I looked it up..allow me to enlighten you. Rigel is the brightest star in the constellation Orion and the seventh brightest star in the night sky. Then it all made sense to me. Oh yeah ya big dummy the name of the collection by Papercut Patterns was the Constellation collection. Doh! 
rigel bomber2


An easy peasy unlined jacket featuring welt pockets and raglan sleeves with two different options, plain or with geometric details.  
The perfect lightweight jacket to wear on a cool night looking at the stars.

Pattern:  Paper pattern available here for $30.00
Fabric:    Hot pink polka dot cotton sateen from Fabric Mart.  I lined mine with a rayon challis from
                Joann Fabric.  The knit ribbing is from Stylish Fabric's etsy shop.
Notions: 14 inch seperating zipper bought here.  Medium weight fusible interface.  
Needle:  Universal 80/12  

Pattern Assembly:  There is no assembly required but I wanted to touch base on the paper pattern itself. I've never ordered from Papercut before and was hesitant when I seen the $30 price tag. All of the floral bombers I've seen floating around the Internet were my enablers.  The pattern arrived in a sturdy cardboard envelope.  Inside that cardboard envelope was another square cardboard envelope containing the pattern. The pattern itself is printed on thick paper, reminds me of a brown paper bag, not that flimsy tissue paper that rips easily.  After your pattern is cut out it can be hung from the envelope that transforms into a hanger. This gives it a workroom look. Love that!  You can get a visual here.

Fitting:  I first traced the XXS and made a quick muslin.  Not thinking or even reading for that matter I basted with a 5/8 seam allowance.  The jacket was a little snug.  I finally picked up the instructions and seen that a 3/8 seam allowance was included in the pattern.  So I did some unpicking and basted again with the correct SA.  Perfect fit! What a difference 1/4 of an inch can make!  I was super happy no fit adjustments were needed. 

Construction:  Attaching those welt pockets got a little tricky for me.  I had one of those moments where I read the instructions twenty times and it just was not clicking in my little ol' pea brain.  I started to get in a rage so I had to slowly step away.  Got myself a little snack (ice cream it was!) and was ready to roll again. Then it kinnndda clicked for me.  Well not really but I muddled through it.  I think next time I'll approach it a little differently than the instructions by following this video tutorial.  I also added a lining to my jacket and pretty much followed this tutorial by Elizabeth.  All of my seams are hidden except for the sleeve hems. Doesn't matter because no one will see them and I serged them all nice and somewhat neat.  I ran over a pin and messed up the blade..whoops.  I slip stitched my facing to my lining while watching Dallas Buyers Club for the second time.  Good movie and man it's crazy how skinny Matthew McConaughey had to get for that role.
Regrets:  None! However I would like to find a more stable knit ribbing for my next jacket.  The ribbing I used tends to stretch out as the day goes on.

Loves:  I anticipated working on this jacket for a week.  Sewing a jacket seems like a long process to me. WRONG!  I made this jacket in two evenings.  That makes me happy!  It's also very comfortable. Today was a cold and rainy day and I wore it all day while crunching numbers at my desk.



Next time:  There will be many next times and I'm now looking into my next Papercut Pattern.  The $30 was totally worth it.  Any suggestions?  For this jacket I've been thinking of my fall version and how to draft a pocket into the lining to hold my iphone.  oooh that might make for a fun sewalong!

I'm submitting this on Kollabora as part of my Selfish Sewing Week entry.  Is anyone else joining in on the fun?  Like I need an excuse for selfish sewing. It's all me sewing all the time, bahahaha.

I have no idea what my face is doing here and the wind always playing mean tricks with my hair! 

       C'mon work with me here!
Different day, different pants, same relentless wind.

Oh, Vito wanted to pop in and say hi.. did someone say treats? I mean I did just potty over there...


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  1. This is suuuuuuuuuuuuuper cute! I have the pattern and really need to get cracking on it- I just keep getting distracted! I love the fabrics you used!

  2. So cute!!! The $30 tag has scared me off. I will probably attempt a Burda version first.

  3. Love this! The lining is so pretty. It's so much classier than the hoodies I always wear...I should really get this pattern.

  4. This is yet another amazing and totally different version of the Rigel Bomber. I loooove it! I'd really like to make up a version like this. It looks much more wearable than my pink floral version. Excellent job on the lining, glad my tutorial was helpful.

  5. There is a cute one by Waffle patterns on Etsy. It's a PDF

  6. Thanks! You must make! It is a fun make and only took me a couple of evenings.

  7. I was looking through my old ratty hoodies and thought it's time to make this jacket!!

  8. Thank you for such a helpful tutorial!! I really loved your pineapple version with the bright yellow ribbing. Is there a certain place you buy your ribbing from? I've not been able to find such fun colors.

  9. Oh, I like her too! I used her free hat pattern and she was incredibly nice and helpful when I had questions. Even quick drafted a larger size option! I will check it out. Thanks!

  10. This is excellent, and such a practical but pretty design. I would wear this every day and I can't believe it only took you two nights!

  11. I buy my ribbing from a local store called the cloth shop.they always have a great selections but they don't have an online store unfortunately

  12. Gorgeous! I'm glad to hear it works well with sateen, I have some packed away that would be perfect for another version of this bomber!

  13. Great jacket. I'm about to tackle one today, myself. BTW, I thought your hair actually looked rockin' in the windy photos. Reminds me of some of Whippy Cake's tutorials on You Tube. :)

  14. I just checked out your version. It looks super cozy! Loved all your other Papercut makes as well!

  15. Gosh I'm obsessed with Whippy and her hair. I've tried many of time to do her tutorials. I guess next time it'll just be easier if I go out and stand in the wind to achieve the same look! lol!

  16. What a great jacket! I love the pink polka dots and the lining, and am amazed that it only took two nights to make. Oh, and those welt pockets are fab. I am one of the saddos who knows what Rigel is, and could point it out at a glance. On the other hand, I couldn't cook a roast dinner if my life depended on it - which is the more useful skill?!! ;) Lynne

  17. That jacket is fucking rad! And totally perfect for the "cold" weather we get at the beach. If you did a sew along I would totally be into it!

  18. I have to get this pattern. Dang it! (I have to stop reading all these great blogs. Yeah that will happen.) Great jacket!

  19. REALLY cute jacket - love the polka dots!

  20. Excellent! You did a really nice job on sewing this up. Fits perfect and looks great on you ; )

  21. Beautiful jacket! I'd love to make a "goes with everything" version like this. Well done!