Ralph Got A Makeover & MMM Roundup Weeks 2 & 3

Saturday, May 24, 2014

My Me Made May pledge was to wear at least one handmade piece 3 times a week and to tackle my refashion/wip stash.  Let's see how the last two weeks played out shall we?

mmm14 week 2

Week Two:
  1. My first Maria Denmark Olivia Tee.  This was made out of a clearance knit from Joann's labeled "Juvenile Knit".  The dinosaurs remind me of the Flinstone vitamins I took as a "juvenile".  Along with the Barney and Fred shapes was their pet dinosaur Dino.  Grape was my favorite flavor.  I still by them every now and then.

  2. Sewaholic Renfrew made out of another "juvenile knit" from Joann's...butterflies and hearts.  I just love these knits.  They are so comfy and soft.  I just wish they offered "mature knit" that had some age appropriate designs.  These have been perfect to lounge around the house in and you can't beat $3 a yard to use as target practice.

  3. Maria Denmark Olivia Tee #3 blogged in my last post.  Here I was on my way to my Bernina dealer to see why my machine was misbehaving.  I was a little sad as I thought she was gonna have to stay overnight.  Sad face not necessary as everything checked out and she returned home safely the same day.

mmm14 week 3

Week Three:
  1. Yes more Olivia Tees! And yes I wore mine for two days in a row!  This was Mother's Day and I had made my Mom one in a stripey knit from Hart's Fabric.  I wanted to get our picture together in our matching tees.  She really liked hers and I can't wait to make her another.  

  2. Jennifer Lauren Vintage Afternoon Blouse.  I wasn't feeling selfies that day but I wore it with my navy blue capris just like I did here.

  3. Deer & Doe Plantain Tee.  I was multitasking in this pic.  While crouched down trying to stretch out my favorite ready to wear jeans the urge struck to take a MMM selfie.  At that same moment the urge struck Vito to get me into a game of fetch with the floppy fox toy.

I only managed to get one refashion done so far.  I closed my eyes and reached into my refashion/wip garbage bag and pulled out this gem...


Brand: Ralph Lauren  Size: XL
Goodwill Price Tag: $1.00


I cut it all to pieces and had intentions of following Sunni's tutorial and turning it into a Box Blouse.  I wasn't going to have enough fabric for each of the needed rectangles so I cut the front and back piece sides down about 5 inches and sewed back together.  I was able to keep the original bust darts in place.  The back of the blouse was way too big and poofed out near the bottom hem.  To fix I added some darts by simply tracing the darts from Christine Hayne's Sassy Librarian Blouse.

      back darts

I traced the desired neckline with chalk, cut and finished with bias binding.  The sleeves were finished with bias binding as well....mainly because I couldn't get the shortened sleeves back on without puckers so I cussed them out and gave up.

PicMonkey Collage

I'm happy with the way it turned out and I think it looks really good paired with my red
Simplicity pants.

PicMonkey Collage2

Speaking of red...


I cant believe May is almost over!  Enjoy the weekend everyone!!

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  1. It might be the only one for this week but that refashion is ace! Love it!

  2. Great refashion! Gorgeous fabric and flattering shape :)

  3. Awesome refashion!! Love the hair too! :) Your blog isn't showing up in my bloglovin feed. I gotta go look into why...pretty sure I didn't "unfollow" you!

  4. Hmm that's strange. I wonder if it has something with me moving from blogspot.com to my own domain but I thought Bloglovin took care of all that. If you type in my name in bloglovin and my blog comes up does it still show you as following?

  5. Thanks! It has proven to be a challenge at times!

  6. I love your refashioned Ralph! It looks great!

  7. Hi Shanni, This post just showed up in my feed this morning...perhaps there is a delay? Your newest post "Thrifting Fun and a Wool and the Gang Giveway" (so funny BTW) hasn't appeared there as of yet but it is on my google dashboard. Yes, when I type your name in the search box you come up and you are also on my follow list.

  8. I love the new hair color! I'm also totally digging the red pants and polka - dot shirt. What a great refashion!

  9. Digging the hair! You look great, girl!

  10. Thanks!! I'm not quite used to it yet. I'm waiting for it to fade out a little

  11. Thank you! It's taking me awhile to get used to the new hair color.