Grainline Studios Maritime Shorts ~ Version 2

Sunday, July 06, 2014

I've completed my second pair of Maritime shorts, this time in a floral linen.  You can see my first version, the Rambo pants (that I've worn nearly everyday!!!), here.  For my second pair I opted for a more feminine version.  Floral pants seemed to have made their second go around this Spring/Summer.  I never got on board that floral train last year.  I'm usually a year or two behind with trends so I found it fitting that when I spotted this floral linen at Joann's I instantly thought summer shorts.


Grainline Studios ~ Maritime Shorts

Wowza peeps, the perfect shorts.  
These will never go out of style. 
 Features front fly opening, front and back pockets.  
Super comfy...easy to wear. 

Pattern:  PDF pattern available here for $8.50..(also available on Jen's site but it is offline at the moment)
Fabric:   Medium bottom weight fabrics like denim, twill and linen.  
Notions: 7 in zipper, hook & eye closure or button, interfacing
Needle:  For my linen I used Schmetz universal 80/12 needle

deck side

Pattern Assembly:  The pdf is 19 pages long.  I really can't find any reason to complain about assembling pdf's now since I bought one of these babies.  Life changer!  I bought mine at Joann Fabric with a 50% coupon so I ended up paying about $10 for it.
back closeup 

Sizing and Fitting:  The sizes range from 0-18.  I cut a size 4 and made a muslin pre Rambo pants.  I didn't need any fitting adjustments but I did lengthen the pattern two inches.  I'm just more comfortable with this length.  I have to say that this version fits waaay better than my Rambo pants.  The Rambo fabric was fairly stretchy so they fit looser on my waist and around my behind. This linen fits snugger around those areas.  I've never worn linen pants before so I'm hoping these don't stretch out too bad throughout the day.


Construction:  It took me a couple days after work to complete these shorts. I found the instructions easy to follow but on parts that I felt were a little tricky, like the fly front, I followed Jen's sewalong for a little extra hand holding.  I opted to change the construction of the waistband.  If you've made the Sewaholic Thurlows then your familiar with what is called a center back extension.  Basically the center back seam is that last seam you sew.  This allows for a customizable fit.  If you ever lose or gain a few pounds the waistband can be easily unpicked and altered.  My waistband usually gapes open, probably because I have swayback, but I find this alteration the perfect fix.

cb extension

I can't say much more about these except they are damn near perfect and my new TNT pattern for shorts.  I seriously don't know if I'll ever try another shorts pattern.  These were on my Florida "to sew" list and there are a couple more things on the list that are pending... a white Briar shirt, a white tank and another pair of shorts.  I know I'm not going to get those finished, we are leaving Friday morning so I decided not to stress myself out about it and I just went shopping for those things. Yep I broke my RTW fast.  To be honest I can't believe I lasted this long.  I don't think the fast was designed to be a prison sentence so I don't feel guilty about buying the things I needed considering the circumstances.  And I've decided, if I don't find enjoyment out of sewing something like work trousers, then why torture myself.  I will buy those things but will be mindful of the quality and where they were made.


I don't know why but Vito insisted on sitting in the swing.  He attempted to jump up in it himself which would of ended badly.  I caught him in time before he made a nose dive into the gravel.

vito swing

Even though I'll be laying on the beach next week I sure am going to miss this little guy.  My husband is unable to make the trip so he will be home with Vito. I'm still not sure how Vito will deal the whole week since we are usually attached at the hip.  I'm not sure how my husband will deal either. ha ha.

deck blur

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  1. These look fab, perfect holiday wear. I'm also usually a year or two behind fashion trends as it takes me that long for my eye to adjust to whatever is new! Have a lovely trip.

  2. ScruffybadgertimeJuly 7, 2014 at 2:08 AM

    LOVE them shanni! Gorgeous fabric and such a cute fit. I've been on a shorts sewing weekend and have to say shorts must be my fave clothing, just love how they make me feel and that they don't need much fabric. Yours are perfection!! Maybe I'll have to make some more after seeing these!!!!

  3. Ooh, your shorts look perfect! I love linen! Hope you have a lovely vacation despite being pug-less :)

  4. They are super cute. The length is perfect!
    I'm like you...I don't like trendy things until at least 2 years after they are trendy!

  5. Love these Shanni! Have a wonderful trip !!

  6. I want some!!! Super cute shorts!

  7. These look ADORABLE on you! So cute! I have GOT to get a pair of these made before the end of the summer... OK, OK, after my vacation I'm going to get going on them. Thanks for the inspiration! These fit so perfectly, too.

    Btw, I'm completely in love with Vito.

  8. These are awesome! You have totally sold me on this pattern and it's in my queue - so many things to make, so little time! Poor Vito, what will he do without you! I'm sure he'll enjoy guy time with your husband. Sewing and pugs, what more could I ask for in a blog? Have a great trip!

  9. Thanks! Yes definitely push this up the queue. It's a great pattern!

  10. Get on it girl! They will be awesome!

  11. Thank you! In the country where I live trends don't seem to pick up to fast. lol

  12. You can never have enough shorts! Shame I don't live somewhere to be able to wear them all year long!

  13. These are just perfect! I would wear the heck out of them!!

  14. These are so fabulous! That floral print is just too, too cute. I'm not sure I need another shorts pattern, but you've tempted me into buying these anyhow...

  15. Really cute shorts and such a great fit.

  16. Gah- these are _the_ perfect summer shorts! What a rad fit and awesome fabric. And pug on a swing = +10 bonus joy points!

  17. I found my way over here from your pattern review. Awesome shorts! I love the statement fabric. Looks like I need to add this pattern to my wish list!

  18. This is a really great pattern!! C'mon everyone needs a pair of floral shorts! ;)

  19. It's a great pattern! Thanks for stopping by! Come back now ya hear!? :)

  20. I'm also in the fast and won't hold it against you! I've been tempted along the way. I've lost a good deal of weight and everything is big on me. I'm struggling with my shorts right now. I'm also going to give this pattern a go. I hope mine looks as good as yours!

  21. You have such good taste in florals! These shorts are super