Fall Sewing Plans

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Let's mix it up a bit shall we? I'm sure your all getting tired of reading about organization so I thought I'd squeeze in a post about my fall sewing plans.  While I'm a big fan of summer I tend to get restless towards the end of the season and start to look forward to the cooler months and layering clothes. Sick right? Sarah has kicked off the 4th Annual Fall Essentials Sew-Along and I thought it was the perfect kick in the pants I needed to get busy on my Fall wardrobe.

If you aren't familiar with FESA there are seven Fall/Winter categories to get your sewing juices flowing.  Let's take a look at the categories I've chosen to focus on.  To see all the categories visit the official FESA post here.

Fashionable Foundations for Frosty Weather ~ Trouser, skirts, legwarmers oh my!

My main focus this season is lots of skinny trousers for work.  I've had the Clover pattern in my stash collecting dust for awhile now so it's about time I brush it off and put it to some good use.    My first pair will be attempted with this houndstooth suiting, leftovers from my failed Junipers
I'd also like lots of leggings for lounging around the house. I've made McCall's 6173 once last year and it's one of those no brainer 1-hour projects. I haven't a clue why I've not made more. Pictured here with a boring navy blue knit that doesn't photograph well but I've got many more colors planned. 6173

Chic Chemises for Cool Climates ~ Blouses, tops, vests, cardigans & sweaters!

Ok I've got a lot planned for this category.  I probably won't get through half of it but a girl can dream right?  If I sew anything at all this season it will be the Bruyere! I'm patiently waiting for my copy to arrive in the mail.  I've got a wrinkly light blue pinstripe cotton waiting for a good hot iron. 

Another pattern I'm patiently waiting on the mailman to deliver is the Carme Blouse.  My fabric is probably a little too busy for the pin tuck details but we're just gonna roll with it.
carme blouse

Next up Tilly's Mathilde Blouse.  I've had this pattern and fabric paired together since last year....or maybe even the year before.  I promise I'll get to you this year!!  Another fabric that's probably too busy for the pin tuck details but if you can't already tell I have some strange phobia for solid colors.

McCall's 6991, going for the mock wrap look , version B.  I'm questioning my fabric choice because the instructions say version B is unsuitable for prints.  I was totally confused about this at first but after reading tips on McCall's blog about this top the front of  the shirt is all once piece that twists to form the crossover so that means the wrong side of your fabric will be showing.  So it's important that both sides of your fabric look the same.  Totally makes sense now and I can see it!
mccalls 6991

Another McCall's, there must of been a 99 cent sale or something.  Going for the short sleeve version C.  I don't believe I have enough of this lovely fabric for longer sleeves.

And finally ending out the category with McCall's 6844 and a brown sweater knit from Mood.mccalls6844

Fabulous Frocks ~ no explanation needed!

Sew Over It Ultimate Wrap dress with a leopard print ITY knit...meeoooww.  I'm also sewing this up for Miss Crayola Creepy's Cat Lady Sewing Challenge.

Currently I'm working on Jennifer's newest pattern the Dalloway Dress.  Hopefully I'll have a finished garment to show you next week.  Here's a crappy Instagram pic.  I will go ahead and tell you the pleats did not work with my fabric so I had to change up the skirt a bit.

Those Cozy Nights ~ PJ's!!

I'm not sure what version I'm going for here.  I kind of like the idea of a nightgown but my experiences with nightgowns involve me waking up in the middle of the night with the whole thing up over my head.  I flop around a lot.
simplicity 1502

Baby It's Cold Outside ~ Outerwear!

Scarves and lots of them.   A quick make using my serger and a rolled hem... great use for scraps!

Holy moly that's a lot of sewing to do!  I'm looking most forward to the Bruyere.  What project are you looking most forward to completing this season, whether it be Spring or Fall??

Peace Out

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  1. Love everyone of your upcoming projects!

  2. That is a great line up! I just kicked out a McCall's 6844 cardigan, also in a sweater knit, it was a quick and fun sew.

  3. I love sewing plans <3

    A couple pairs of pants, a jacket or two, a couple cardigans and 3/4 & long sleeves tops. I have a box with patterns and fabrics in it and I just reach in and grab something! :)

    I want to make a fall/spring coat but if I'm going to do that I'd better start like now

  4. I like your sewing plans. You have some great fabrics.

  5. Oh that's good to hear! I'm worried about how I'm going to finish my edges...

  6. I'm sure you'll make it all happen! You crank out projects like nobody's bizness!

  7. Can't wait to see what you'll make! I wish there were more hours in the day to finish things on my sewing list!

  8. Love this list. I really am digging the fabric choice for the Colette pants. I picked up some cotton/spandex jersey identical to your leopard print ITY, I might have to copy the idea to make a cute dress with it. This time of year I feel like I'm bursting with sewing project ideas, so I really enjoyed this post. I have that McCalls cardigan in my sewing queue, maybe in the next couple weeks I'll bust it out. People really love that pattern on Pattern review.

  9. These are all so fun! Good luck getting through your list- it's always so hard to find the time, isn't it? Oh, and for McCall's 6991, the fabric needs to be the same on both sides for it to look right or one side of your bodice will look like the right side of your fabric and one will look like the wrong.

  10. Oooh I am loving the Bruyere! The many different versions possible are floating round my head so I may have to get a copy!

  11. The Bruyere and Carme on my list too! Good taste! I'm actually starting to get into the Fall sewing mode - it's taken me forever, but I'm at least starting to plan. Great fabric choices! I'm looking forward to seeing everything!

  12. I wish I had more hours in the day and was a millionaire so I didn't have to work and could spend the whole day sewing. lol!

  13. I bought it right after it was named best pattern of 2013 on pattern review. I'm always busting with ideas this time of year too. I really hope I get at least half my list done.

  14. Oh I see now!! Good the fabric I chose does look the same on both so I think I'll be ok.
    It is hard to find time. More hours in the day please!!

  15. Isn't it awesome!! I can't wait for my copy to arrive!!

  16. Thanks! I'm trying to use up some of my stash. Then I'll allow myself to buy more more more!!

  17. Oooo it all looks so great! I have made the McCalls sweater and wear it quite a bit in the winter. Those scarves are really catching my eye too!

  18. It all looks great! I still have a couple of summer tops left to finish, I'd hate to leave them in the UFO-pile waiting for spring... Then I'm off to fall-sewing too! Can't wait to see your finished projects, you sure will be busy :)

  19. I figured those scarves will be the easiest thing to make!

  20. Hope I make it at least halfway through the list! ;)

  21. Wow, I love our plan. I have my eyes on the Bruyère since it came out and I'm going to definitely sew it, as well as the Carme blouse! I don't think I will have the time for anything else! You're going to be busy! But I can't wait to see them finished!

  22. oh yeah I'll be busy! It seems like it's taken forever to even get started!! I just got the Bruyere in the mail last week and it's been screaming at me every since!