Sewing in Harmony Part 6: Decorating your space

Monday, September 15, 2014

Decor is an important aspect of any room.  It can be fun and inspiring, bright and cheery and lift your spirit when you enter the room.  I don't want to discuss just any room here but specifically your sewing/craft room.  For me the most important room in the house ;).  My room lifts my spirit when I've had a bad day and when I'm in a sewing slump it helps to inspire and motivate me.
   intro part 6

I find decorating my space so much fun.  I'm always changing it up or adding more.  I'm starting to run out of space!  I could get sucked into Pinterest for days oogling those rooms that don't have a pin out of place and everything IS picture perfect.  My decor is more of a mish mash of pieces that I find either functional, inspiring or cheerful.  The intention of the post is really nothing more than a bunch of pretty pictures of pieces in my space that are my favorites and even prettier pictures of inspiring spaces out there in blogland.  Really all you need to know about decorating your own space is to make it fun, make it functional and make it yours!


One of my favorite pieces in my room is this sewing print I found on Etsy.  The frame is an easy diy project and a great use for all those spare buttons you may have.  I bought a cheap frame at Wal-Mart and strategically placed the buttons on the frame securing them with hot glue. If your interested in a print of your own you can order here. There are different hair and eye color options available.  Be sure to check out her other prints as well.  There's a big eyed girl on a ball of yarn for all you knitters!

I don't know if y'all are as anal as I am but I spent a lot of time organizing my thread to look like a rainbow.

Old sewing cabinets make great wall shelves to display your sewing treasures.  I found mine on Etsy.
sewing cabinet drawers

I started collecting thimbles soon after I started sewing. These old print trays display them nicely as well as a few of my other favored treasures...the Raggedy Ann weeble wooble from my childhood and some knick knacks of my Granny's. 

Bright, cheery and simple. Check out Oh So Lovely for more pics of their space.

ADORABLE!! This is what I mean when I say keep it functional and fun!  Found here at

If you have any vintage patterns that are missing pieces or are unusable frame them for wall decor.

  Use embroidery hoops to showcase your favorite fabrics.

Take a look at my Pinterest board for more inspiration and ideas.  I hoped to have posted more here but my Internet is giving me some headaches right now...argh!

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I hope you'll join me next week in sharing pictures or video of your sewing space.  I'm torn as to how I'm going to show mine.  I tried taking video this weekend but my room is so tiny and after watching the footage I felt like a seasick sailor.  I may give it another go if I can get over the sound of my voice.

Have a great week everyone!
Peace out~ 


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  1. Love so many of these! Especially the framing of vintage patterns! Someone sent me a few that are at least a few sizes too small. I might do this!

  2. I really want to do this too but I'm running out of wall space! I've got a few patterns that are missing pieces. I thought about taking the pattern pieces and decoupaging them to something...what I don't know yet. lol!

  3. I love the embroidery ring idea - I've not come across that one before! You have a lovely space to sew in.

  4. Wow Shanny! I love your space! You've definitely got me thinking about how to better organize my sewing space and considering how to get a dedicated room. Thank you!

  5. This is the fun part! You have some great ideas. It's giving me an incentive to finish purging and sorting. It's fun just to collect ideas although it takes time to get them done.