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Monday, July 06, 2015

Hey there friends! Coming back from a long weekend is always rough isn't it? I hope everyone who celebrated had a Happy 4th. I got to watch my Grandpa get honored with the Veteran of the Year award for our county which was pretty awesome then we finished the day off with some fireworks at a family cookout.

I finished out Sewing Pattern Review's Fabric Stash contest with another easy pattern (I'm all about easy these days) the Colette Mabel.  The contest ended with a total of 1,010.15 yards being sewn.  The top contestant sewn up 93.125 yards!!  Can you even imagine?  It was hard enough for me to crank out my tiny 3 yard projects.  The life of a slacker.


I struggled with choosing a correct size for this pattern.  My waist is a 28 and my hips 37.  I fall right into the measurements of small but the 27 finished waist measurement scared me so I cut a medium for the waist and graded down to a small at the hips.  If that wasn't enough for me I even add about a 1/4 inch to the seam allowances for good measure.  Turned out too big at the waist which I realized after I had the waistband serged on.  Not a big deal though to unpick it at the side seams.  I took in about an inch each side.  This did cause a slight bit of puckering but nothing noticeable to the inexperienced non seamstress eye.


The fabric used was a ponte knit from Fabric Mart purchased last August.  I love the color as I've always wanted a neutral skirt that can go with anything.  Not a big fan of the fabric though as it's piling after one wash and it clings to every nook and cranny.  I had to wear a slip under it to avoid the dreaded underwear line.  Wearing a shirt tucked into this is a toughie as you can see the shirt line if your not careful.  Is it just me?  I can't stand seeing the outline of clothing under clothing.  It's driving me batty seeing the outline of the slip hem near the bottom.  Ack!


I made up version 1 of this skirt.  Other options are a faux button placket or seam details with a kick pleat.  This skirt was made in a few hours and the instructions were really easy to follow.  The only change I made different to the instructions was to cut my back piece on the fold as well just to avoid a seamline.


My next version of this will be cut as a straight small.  I think I will have a much better fit.  I also want to try out a different knit.  One that I could avoid the outlines and not have to wear a slip.  Any suggestions?

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  1. This looks really cute on you and what a great colour to go with everything! I am totally with you on wanting to not see clothing under clothing. Underthings should be invisible!

  2. That must have been very special to see your Grandpa being honoured like that!
    Your skirt looks great, I'm with you on the underwear thing and I don't know what type of Jersey to use to avoid this. I recently refashioned a jersey tshirt dress into a pencil skirt & realised it was 2 layers of Jersey together - it has a much more flattering line than any of my other knit skirts, and no VPL so maybe 2 layers is a solution?

  3. That's so awesome to see your grandpa get honored! I love this neutral skirt on you, in spite of its issues. Maybe a thicker, sturdier ponte? I'm not a knit aficionado, but I've noticed not all pontes are the same, nor even similar sometimes. The nicest one I ever sewed with is a viscose ponte that was quite sturdy. That kind would be perfect for the Mabel. I think you have to look at the weight and amount of stretch. So hard to do when buying fabric online.

  4. I was thinking of trying two layers. Probably the easiest way to do it would just be to sew them as one piece. I think that would turn out pretty well.

  5. Ack it is so hard to buy fabric online! I'll have to do some searching for a viscose ponte and give that a try. I have a question for double knit the same as ponte?

    Oh and I just seen you made it on to the next round of the SOSM. Congrats!!

  6. Thank you! :)

    I've read differing descriptions of double knits and pontes. And apparently a ponte di roma is also not the same... I guess that's why seeing it in person is how to do it, but I've got to go 100+ miles to see nice knits in person! I've ordered rayon ponte from Harts and it's pretty nice. They have a description regarding knits on their site: That floral rayon ponte did pile a little bit in places, but I think it had more to do with how I washed it and what I've done while wearing it. I got viscose ponte from Britex and it's been washed several times and still looks and feels like it did when I got it.

  7. Congrats to your grandpa! That's awesome!

    I agree with Tanya, a thicker ponte should do the trick. I have made this skirt five times (I think?) and my favorite versions are with a thicker knit fabric. I haven't made one in that cream color like you did, and I should because that would get a lot of wear! So, as I was typing this I checked my e-mail and Hart's is having a sale on their ponte! :)

  8. Wow, what a special weekend for your family. Congrats!! Cute skirt and I totally agree with you...I hate seeing the outline of clothing tucked in. And seriously...I can't seem to find a good ponte that doesn't pill within two hours of wearing it. Why is this?

  9. Glad you had such a memorable 4th this year--congrats to your grandfather for his recognition! You all must be so proud of him. =)

    I really do love the color of the fabric you used; it makes for a great "goes with anything" skirt! (And I am probably going to completely copy off of you and make a knit pencil skirt out of some almond-colored ponte I got last year, because I think it is that awesome! xD)

    I agree with the suggestion of using a heftier ponte to help with the show-through of your underlayers. But you may also want to consider a hefty scuba knit, or even a neoprene. I just got my first cut of actual neoprene knit, and I can see it being plenty sturdy and not clinging in an unappealing way, so that may be worth investigating. Good luck!!

  10. Thanks! It's so hard buying knit online without being able to feel it and see how thick it is. The downsides of living in the sticks.

  11. Thank you! There has been a lot of talk about neoprene lately. I've never seen it in person (that I know of) so I'm going to have to check it out.

  12. Waiting for next version! In my case I usually need them, but I feel so lazy...!

    Lazy Penguins

  13. Congrats to your grandpa that's a huge honour! I love your version it looks great. The fit turned out perfect even with those few unpicking moments. I love the shape and colour of the skirt. I think they need to add your picture to the cover because it's inspired me to buy it. xx