Let's Play Pattern Sudoku!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Hey there I'm back...but only for a minute because I'm gonna be awfully busy for the next couple months!

I'm joining in on the Wardrobe Sudoku Contest being ran by Pattern Review.  I'm not much into the actual game of Sudoku...it's hard enough for me to spell it correctly!  The idea of this contest is to create a 16 piece wardrobe that fits into a Sudoku board.  Each row, up - down, top to bottom and diagonal must coordinate with each other.  In the end you'll have a mini capsule wardrobe.  I could spend hours watching "my capsule wardrobe" videos on Youtube.  Yeah I'm a nerd like that.  I'd love to start a capsule so why not sew my own!

The rules: Sew at least 10 out of the 16 items. 4 tops, 4 bottoms, 4 accessory (sweater, cardi, jacket, scarf, purse etc) & 4 footwear.  Plan accordingly so that they fit into the grid above and all play well with each other.  Whoa that's a pretty tall order.  Took me almost a full day of planning but I think I gotta one! 

Sudoku Board

My plan, a casual Spring capsule wardrobe.  Sewing 10 items in two months is going to be a challenge for me in itself so I wanted to keep it easy.  Casual + Easy = Knits, lots of knits.  I'm still trying to finalize a few patterns and this weekend will involve a fabric shopping trip.  What I can't find at Joann's I'll have to source online.  The shoes are subject to change.  Not sure how I feel about the maroon Chucks.  They are my favorite and most worn pair of shoes so I wanted to include them but I'm not sure they pair well with the fabric I have chosen for the floral bomber jacket.  They may get traded in for a brown flat. Sorry Chuckie. :(     

Row One: 
TOP:  A black knit, not yet purchased.  Hoping to find a textured wide rib knit.
           Pattern: StyleArc Cold Shoulder Top
BOTTOM:  Black knit circle skirt.  Fabric from my stash.  Same one I used on my Verity top.
                    Pattern:  My trusty ol' Lady Skater, sewing the skirt only. 
FOOTWEAR:  Gray Chucks
ACCESSORY: Gray sweatshirt.  Still need to purchase sweatshirt fleece & ribbing.
                         Wink eye patches are in route from Ukraine.  I hope they arrive on time!
                          Pattern: Grainline Studio Linden Sweatshirt 

Row Two: 
ACCESSORY:  Not sewing this one...a thrifted denim jacket. The perfect accessory in my opinion.
FOOTWEAR:  Maroon Chucks....brown flats....TBD
BOTTOM:  I feel like a broken record, black knit leggings.  Fabric yet to be purchased.
                    Pattern: McCall's 6173  Exposed zipper version.                
TOP:  A white tee.  I have several options of white knit in my stash.
           Pattern: MN Briar Top 

Row Three: 
BOTTOM: Grey leggings this time.  Same McCall's pattern.  Ruched ankle hem a possibility.
TOP: Lightweight button down.  I have the a light blue pinstripe shirting by JCrew that I
         purchased from FabricMart a couple years ago.  So excited to finally use it.
         Pattern: Grainline Studio Archer 
ACCESSORY: Floral Bomber.  I already have the perfect floral cotton sateen in my stash.    
                         Pattern: Papercut Rigel Bomber 
FOOTWEAR:  Gray flip flops

Row Four:
FOOTWEAR: Nike Free Tr Flyknit. I don't get enough wear out of these so I made sure to include.
ACCESSORY: Fossil Jules Octagon Crossbody
TOP:  Can't leave out the striped knits!  Fabric yet to be purchased.
           Pattern:  Grainline Studio Hemlock Tee
BOTTOM: My favorite one yet..Chambray joggers.  I found the perfect fabric today at Joanns.
                  Pattern: TBD..Top contender, True Bias Hudson Pants  I know these are sized for knits
                  but I'm hoping to be able to size up and make a non knit fabric work.  

Well there you have it!  It's going to be a busy two months for me.  Even though I included a lot of easy knits that are quick for some I'm pretty sloth like on the sewing front.  Well my need for perfectionism holds me up quite a bit but that's another topic for discussion.

Who else is playing pattern sudoku?  It officially starts tomorrow, Feb 1st. I'm excited to get started. I will be posting individual reviews of each of the patterns.  Most likely those reviews won't be posted on my blog until after the contest ends.  If you can't wait find me on Pattern Review @ shanniloves.  I'll be posting there throughout the contest. 

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